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housing market

  • EghtesadOnline: Iran's housing market is bracing for inflationary recession despite a widening home supply deficit, the Comprehensive Housing Plan’s deputy for research said.

  • EghtesadOnline: Home prices in Tehran continue to increase while the number of property deals decline, the latest report released by the Central Bank of Iran announced after reviewing housing data in the 10th month of the current Iranian year that ended on Jan. 20.

  • EghtesadOnline: New figures show that due to volatile currency fluctuations in recent months, which triggered steep price surges in the housing market and threatened the long-term outlook of the beleaguered housing sector by discouraging new construction.

  • EghtesadOnline: A notable change in recent years, especially in the past few months, in Iran's housing market has impacted the tenancy market, considerably increasing the number of deals.

  • EghtesadOnline: While many provinces registered declining home deals and rising prices during the first quarter of the current fiscal year that ended on June 21, others showed a vastly different trajectory.

  • EghtesadOnline: New data show property deals in Iran are on a downward trajectory, suggesting that the housing sector may be facing another bout of recession.

  • EghtesadOnline: Latest figures disclosed by Bank Maskan, the agent bank of Iran’s housing sector, indicate that the lender has upped the volume of its loans, as the housing market, especially the one in the capital Tehran, is taking a hit due to the prevailing currency volatility.

  • EghtesadOnline: While Tehran’s housing market has registered three months of consecutive declines in home sales and price surges, similar markets of other provinces exhibit a different trend.

  • EghtesadOnline: As prices of all goods and services, including apartments, are rising in Iran due to an ongoing currency crisis, the government is pondering on ways to facilitate conditions of homeownership to at least partially offset the declining public purchasing power in the housing market.

  • EghtesadOnline: The Central Bank of Iran on Tuesday released its latest data concerning Tehran's housing market, indicating that the volume of home deals has significantly declined as prices have jumped for the third month in a row.