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  • EghtesadOnline: Telegram messenger voice calling feature was blocked before the Iranian presidential election on May 19 due to security reasons, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi said without elaboration.

  • EghtesadOnline: A presidential hopeful who withdrew to support Hassan Rouhani's reelection bid earlier this month, recommended the president's opponents to accept defeat and help the government in addressing national challenges and meet popular demands.

  • EghtesadOnline: Interior Ministry spokesman said that Guardians Council (GC) in a letter confirmed the results of the 12th presidential elections held on May 19.

  • EghtesadOnline: Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rouhani would be sworn into office at the Parliament (Majlis) on August 6, said a member of the legislative body's presiding board on Tuesday.

  • EghtesadOnline: Tehran hopes to sign groundbreaking deals with oil majors such as Total and Lukoil this year as the reelection this month of Hassan Rouhani to the presidency should boost investments.

  • EghtesadOnline: A majority of Iranians chose to place their confidence in President Hassan Rouhani once again, as they believed the path his government took over the past four years was the right one, a prominent Iranian economist said.

  • EghtesadOnline: The landslide reelection of Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, reflects the by now familiar pattern of continuity and change that has characterized Iran’s major elections over the last two decades, reads an article penned by director of London Middle East Institute, Hassan Hakimian, and published by international media organization Project Syndicate. According to Financial Tribune, excerpts of the article follow:

  • EghtesadOnline: Members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries have welcomed re-election of President Hassan Rouhani in the May 19 elections, senior lawmaker said on Friday.

  • EghtesadOnline: President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday reaffirmed a pledge to carry out campaign promises he had made in 2013 as well as those before the Friday vote that handed him a landslide for a second term.

  • EghtesadOnline: The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres congratulated President Hassan Rouhani on his re-election as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran.