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EghtesadOnline: An American expert in international security affairs believes that the result of US presidential election has undermined many traditional assumptions in the United States.

In an interview with IRNA, James Walsh, a researcher in international security affairs at Massachussetes University, said it takes at least one year to know what has really happened in the US election.

'My political science friends are studying American election. They are trying to put the pieces together.'

There were two white candidates who were not popular. The electors who reelected Obama four years ago also elected Trump, so it is not that everything has gone through a dramatic change in four years . It is still the same America more or less, said the American expert.

The fact that Clinton got more votes but lost the election indicates how close it was. 

'I think certainly the Trump victory undermines many traditional assumptions in the United States'

Walsh said ideaology was not a big factor here. Mr. Trump is not a conservative Republican, he is a mix of all sorts of things. Republicans other than the higher level at office supported him. Even Evangelican Republicans voted for him despite the fact that he married three times. Party also mattered more than 
gender because many Republican women supported Trump, said the American expert.

Stressing that the most predictable thing in Trump is his inpredictability, Walsh said Trump is the first person in modern era who has no government experience. He offered no detailed public policy. He often took multiple and contradictoty positions.

'His presidency would be more on personality than policy.I think he is a very reactive person.' 

To a question if there is any force in the Oval Office to contain Trump's mentality, Walsh said in his campaign he showed that he is not easy to control but he can't focus on everything. he is not going to be able
to micromanage. The world is too complex. 

There are other things which can consntrain a president that is the Congress. Even the Congress controlled by Republicans sees itself a different instiute with its responsibilities and having a say. Furthermore, there are other soverign countries.

On any new policy in the Middle East during Trump, Walsh said Trump is reactive to events. He is a man who reacts day to day.He has said that Daesh is his numer one priority. He might find some sort of comprmise between US, Russia and Iran in Syria. 

Donald Trump James Walsh