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EghtesadOnline: 'I am a businessman,' said Donald Trump in the address he made following his victory in the United States presidential election.

And the election of the billionaire and real estate mogul as the US 45th president did seem to be felt first where the 70-year-old presumably belonged to; the market.

'The US dollar sank and stocks plummeted in market mayhem on Wednesday as investors faced up to a shock win for Donald Trump in the US presidential election that could upend the global political order,' reported Reuters.

'European shares looked set to follow with losses of more than 4 percent as every new TV network projection in the US election showed the race to be far closer than anyone had thought, sending investors stampeding to safe-haven assets,' it further reported.

And as far as the casino mogul's rhetoric over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and trade with Mexico was concerned his election did see the peso to plummet too. 

'A lot of Trump's negative geopolitical rhetoric was concentrated around Mexico and trade with Mexico and tearing up the NAFTA agreement, so the peso just become this natural barometer of the election,' said Deutsche Bank EM FX Strategist Gautam Kalani.

The chaos in the global markets, after all, was mainly the result of the market tendency to see Hillary Clinton as the next US president.

'Markets have tended to favor Democrat Hillary Clinton as a status quo candidate who would be considered a safe pair of hands at home on the world stage,' Reuters wrote. 

But away from business, many agreed that the New York Queens kid, the reality television personality and the so-called assertive, energetic child who was sent to the New York Military Academy at age 13 to be disciplined and his energy channeled in a positive manner, stopped short of using the same aggressive and contemptuous tone in his victory address; the one he never failed to employ during his disputes with his Democratic rival.

Trump who once described Hillary Clinton a vessel for 'corrupt' global establishment, saying that her election would make the US a corrupt 'Banana Republic', appeared to take a conciliatory approach toward Clinton in his speech even to praise her for a hard-fought fight to the finish.

“We owe her a major debt of gratitude,” he said, according to Fox News, referring to Clinton.

Trump's personal image, while he was announcing his victory as the new US president, was quite different from that he presented while on the campaign trail, Hamid Aboutalebi Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Office for Political Affairs Twitted on Wednesday.

'This tends to be very significant,' Aboutalebi said.

Now the million dollar question is that how Trump, the former host of 'the Apprentice', NBC's celebrity game show, is going to live up to his campaign promises regarding the policies he vowed to adopt on the global scene when elected.

Trump seemed to be very unyielding when it came to the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action. 

I will tear up the JCPOA on my first day in the White House, he said once, referring to the nuclear deal. 

But the statement by the Republican has been already dismissed by his advisors.

Trump does not plan to “get rid of” Iran’s nuclear deal but he will “revise” it if he wins the election, said Walid Phares his top foreign policy advisor.

Yet, as Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif puts it, the US newly-elected president has to understand the realities of today's world and try to adapt himself to international developments.

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