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EghtesadOnline: As the countdown begins for the presidential elections in the United States, the Republicans seemed to have been already stuck in a so-called plight, Donald Trump.

Eighteen months after Trump announced his bid for US president, all signs refer to a Republican failure to seize the White House or maintain a majority in the Congress, reports Reuters.

And as rival Democrats are expected to safeguard their rule over the Supreme Court too, every sign inevitably points to Democrats exerting their influence on the political establishment of the United States for the next ten years.

Trump's nomination in the Presidential elections, as far as the American democratic apparatus is concerned, is not going to establish an unprecedented surprising saga, as the US election history in many occasions have witnessed business tycoons like Ross Perot, Steve Forbes or Nelson Rockefeller, that similar to Trump, who joined the presidential campaign to try their chance for the White House.

But what makes the current unprecedented 'Trumpism Show' different from his peers in the past is that most of the rich American businessmen who had formerly taken part in the presidential campaign were either nominated by a third party or they failed to be warmly welcomed by the public in case they were nominated as a Republican candidate so they were forced to leave the campaign at the very early stages. 

However, Trump who after many years of political confusion had finally found himself a Republican, was not been taken seriously, after his nomination, as an ideal Republican presidential candidate neither by his colleagues in the Grand Old Party nor by the US media. Trump has soon appeared to be a controversial face both in the public and media limelight thanks to the tiredness and distress of the American voters who were exhausted from the repeated political establishment of their county. 

The business tycoon, step by step, went up the presidential campaign ladder to make the Republican establishment as well as the US mainstream media deal with him not as an entertaining media character and a Republican misfit but as a candidate serious enough to beat rivals and become the GOP final candidate of choice.

This is while, the billionaire has never stopped to caution the Republicans that if they fail to throw their weight behind him, he won't hesitate to run as an independent candidate.

The GOP leaders who feared massive Republican voters turn-away and their final team-up with Trump's camp, despite all their fierce opposition towards the controversial candidate, opted to bow to Trump and accept him as the party's official presidential candidate and preferred to turn a blind eye on everything Trump had done to bring the Grand Old party, the Abraham Lincoln legacy, to the brink of disintegration and division.

Both the Republican and Democrat presidential candidates seem unwilling to end their scandalous and tumultuous campaigns and stop all the accusations and labeling leveled in the name of campaigning for the elections.

This is while the American general voters are apparently fed up with both the Republican and Democratic candidates and feel quite overwhelmed and uncertain to care about the victory of either of them or even about the future of the White House and the Supreme Court. 

In fact, political observers believe, everyone in US is counting the seconds for the obscene, annoying election show to come to an end and there is no doubt that the show will be inscribed in the US collective memory.

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