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EghtesadOnline: Smart Tehran Program, developed by Tehran Municipality, was honored during the World Smart City Award 2019, and an adjunct conference held in Barcelona, Spain, on Nov. 19-20.

The program is aimed at transforming the megacity of Tehran into a more sustainable and livable city with the vision of "A City for All" by focusing on urban innovation, transparency and citizens' engagement, the event's website reported.

Smart Tehran Program was classed in the City Award category, specified for cities with developed global strategies, combined urban projects, initiatives and policy implementations for their citizens.

Mohammad Farjood, the head of TM's Information and Communications Technology Organization, represented Tehran at the ceremony and received the honorary WSCA award, according to Financial Tribune.

Entries for this year's edition of the award ceremony came from 54 countries and were of an exceptionally high standard. The shortlist had 28 finalists in seven categories, namely City; Innovative Idea; Digital Transformation; Urban Environment; Mobility; Governance and Finance; and Inclusive and Sharing Cities.

Innovative schemes from Stockholm (Sweden), Bristol (the UK), Curitiba (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Seoul (South Korea) were also announced winners in the City Award category.

WSCA seeks to recognize pioneering projects, ideas and strategies that promote sustainable urban development around the world. This year's edition, held concurrently with an exhibition, was attended by over 24,000 visitors, 1,000 exhibitors from over 700 cities and more than 400 experts.



Plans for Smart Tehran

Addressing a meeting on Monday, Farjood highlighted the priorities of implementing Smart Tehran Program and said domestic producers should receive greater attention and support throughout the process.

He said valuing the talented young generation and the potential of local tech teams is key to expand the technology ecosystem and bypass the restrictive impact of US sanctions on Iran, Peivast quoted Farjood as saying.

According to the official, developing special sensors to harvest urban data, expanding the electronic micropayment systems, strengthening communication infrastructures in the metropolis, expanding smart transportation networks, developing urban safety and finding environmental protection solutions, along with location-based services are high on TM's agenda.

Farjood noted that extensive work is underway to put innovative projects into practice and accelerate the implementation of STP.



History of STP

Transforming the Iranian capital into a smart city has been a priority of TM, as it focused on the application of smart solutions and the internet of things technology in urban management since past few years.

Projects entailing the application of smart technologies have been implemented in Iran, including the replacement of old electricity meters with smart grids to increase the accuracy of monitoring consumption. Smart power meters digitally send meter readings to energy suppliers via the internet to undertake more accurate billing.

Currently, TM and Tehran Traffic Police are using automated smart surveillance systems to spot old and dilapidated cars that are the main source of air pollution in the metropolis.

The installation of online air quality monitoring systems across the capital is one of the technologies used widely since past many years.

Smart parking meters have been installed and activated in Tehran's District 2 in the north-central part of the city. It enables drivers to reserve roadside parking spots and pay online via a smartphone application.

TM's ICT organization ran a pilot project in Sorkheh Hesar National Park located on the eastern flank of the capital in January 2019 to convert the area to the country's first smart park.

The initiative envisaged equipping the park with smart security cameras, smart parking lots and a smart irrigation system which, unlike traditional irrigation controllers that operate on a preset programmed schedule and timers, controls weather monitor, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water use to automatically adjust the watering schedule to site conditions.

TM has welcomed collaboration with companies and individuals whose products and services can help alleviate problems such as air pollution and traffic congestion.



Smart Tehran Congress

In an effort to identify and implement innovative ideas and projects related to the smart city concept, the tech authorities have been recently holding Smart City Congress, gathering homegrown tech teams, startups and knowledge-based companies to present their achievements and ideas in the field.

In line with the plan, a public call has been issued to invite tech units to participate in the third round of the congress, slated for Dec. 9-10 at Tehran’s Milad Tower.

Applicants are invited to visit the event's website,, and submit their innovative ideas and products in the field of smart technologies in urban management until December end.

The event, which will be organized by TM's ICT and Amirkabir University of Technology, intends to bring together academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives of knowledge-based firms to help bring the capital city closer to becoming a smart city.

Special panels will address the need for modern management of urban affairs via location-based approaches, smart transportation, environment protection, offering urban services via artificial intelligence, and on the whole promoting the quality of life indices by tapping into modern technologies.

As was the case with the first and second editions held in March and December 2018 respectively, the event will explore open data, big data, ways to raise public awareness of the latest technological developments in urban services and productivity of urban management and data-based sustainable economy, while supporting tech teams and startups operating in the field of urban management.

Numerous programs have been planned on the sidelines of the event, including an innovation contest, training workshops, technology-oriented meetings, public speeches and a small-scale exhibition of smart products developed by startups and knowledge-based companies.

Municipalities believe harnessing smart solutions and internet of things (IoT) technology can help resolve chronic problems metropolises have been facing for decades, particularly air pollution and traffic congestion, plus making life easier for the people.


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