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EghtesadOnline: Pressured by the harsh US sanctions, Iranian businesses are turning to innovative smart solutions to cut overheads and boost efficiency.

During a Sunday press conference in Tehran on Iran e-commerce, startups market and how firms could become more sanction-resilient, the CEO of major Iranian ad agency dnaunion said, “The survival of businesses is tied to being innovative. Smart solutions enable companies to become more efficient.”

Nasser Pashapour also spoke about the importance of data mining and tailoring products to fit consumers’ needs.

According to the CEO, just like everywhere else in the world, Iranian businesses are moving toward data-driven decision making, stressing that many firms have put big data analytics high on their agenda, Financial Tribune reported.

Pashapour further detailed efforts implemented in the field of advertisement, noting that modern technologies help firms cut overheads and deliver better performance.

Pointing to major startups—like Snapp (online taxi), Digikala (e-retailor), Alibaba (digital travel agency) and others—he noted that startups and tech firms have overhauled the business world across the continents “and the tide of change has reached Iran”.

The Iranian economy has tanked over the past two years and following the United States withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal and the imposition of harsh US sanctions against Tehran.

“With people’s purchasing power being slashed by the sanctions and economic headwinds, many Iranians have turned to curb costs and make ends meet,” Pashapour said.

Gerhard Barcus, managing partner at CERTIUS—one of dnaunion’s partners, also addressed the gathering.

He noted that the digital transformation can help businesses become more sanction resilient.

“By employing smart and innovative solutions, firms can become more efficient to curb their overheads, slash prices and offer customers better value for their money,” he said.

Referring to challenges facing Iranian businesses, such as the restriction on using software solutions, Barcus said businesses can become sanction-proof by harnessing local engineering talents.

According to the managing partner of CERTIUS, digital solutions and online businesses can help people access services at lower rates and make life easier for average Iranians during hard economic times.

Barcus said the resistance of traditional businesses toward change is a universal issue, but progress can’t be stopped.


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