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EghtesadOnline: Tehran’s Traffic Police has unveiled a new radio-based road alert system to reduce traffic accidents and road fatalities.

Introducing the system on Wednesday, the national Traffic Police Chief General Kamal Hadianfar said the facility can transmit emergency alerts via radio through the efficient use of FM modulation and radio data systems, IRNA reported. 

“The alert system will initially cover the main thoroughfares of the capital and then be gradually expanded nationwide,” he added. 

Hadianfar noted that drivers listen to the radio while at the wheel, which can be used to quickly notify them of emergency warnings or alert messages in a safe and effective way, Financial Tribune reported.

The heart of the system is an FM transmitter that can send alerts on all radio channels at the same time (88-108 Mhz band).

It can transmit an audio message, a voice alert, or other messages. Thanks to the embedded RDS encoder, it could use the PTY-Alarm Signal (Emergency Alert function) to make the radio switch automatically to the FM tuner, transmitting the alert as an audio message. Even if the driver is listening to a CD or an MP3, the receiver will automatically switch to the FM tuner for the alert to be heard.

The system does not need any expensive additional infrastructures and can be mounted either in fixed positions (highways or road tunnels) or on mobile posts to alert people about road works, accidents, traffic jams and crashes. It can also be installed in vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks or police cars to quickly alert the other drivers about the approaching rescue vehicle.

In addition, it can transmit warnings about tunnel conditions, send alerts in case of traffic jams, accidents, obstacles on the road or other dangers, lane closures and modified traffic circulation due to road works.  

Drivers must pay attention to a large number of details and events occurring around them all the time. Sometimes they are distracted and do not notice important warning signs, especially when they are driving on roads they are quite familiar with, which lead them to drive less carefully. 

The loud music people listen to while driving may also cover the sound of the sirens of an approaching ambulance or rescue vehicle, sometimes with fatal consequences.

The emergency alert system is expected to reduce road accident mortality, injury and damages.

Traffic Police have announced that sleep deprivation, fatigue, speeding, overtaking from the wrong side, running a red light, talking on the cellphone, text messaging and munching behind the wheel, as well as low-quality vehicles and roads, are the main killers on the roads.

Data released by the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization show that over 17,000 people lost their lives in road mishaps in the last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2019). The death rate is 1.2% higher compared to the year before. 


Tehran Road Fatalities Traffic Police Radio Alert System radio-based road alert system traffic accidents