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EghtesadOnline: Local mobile operators have been given a two-week deadline by the government to resolve the deep-seated problems in offering value-added services.

In a meeting attended by ICT Minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi and chiefs of domestic mobile operators, telecommunication service providers received a ministerial order that in a fortnight period they must resolve the unsettled case of value-added services that currently constitute a great nuisance for subscribers, reported local technology website Digiato.

Presently, the unregulated bulk distribution of VAS text messages is the nagging problem troubling users.

“Despite the fact that personal numbers are not allowed to use their SIM cards for marketing purposes, many profiteering users bypass the given rule,” Financial Tribune quoted the ICT minister as saying.

The minister’s demand is backed by directives issued by the High Council of Cyberspace that oblige users to obtain permits from the Culture Ministry to distribute advertising text messages. 

Since taking office back in 2017, it has been a foremost aspiration of the young minister to eliminate spam VAS messages and systematize the mishmash of the bothersome text messaging system.

 CRA’s Oversight     

A while ago, Communications Regulatory Authority obligated operators to develop a subscription modification panel, giving users the option to unsubscribe from unwanted value-added services, as well as file complaints against individuals and firms that fail to abide by the law. 

In line with the given CRA regulation, two major telecommunication service providers Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran and MTN-Irancell have devised a system, dealing with the matter. 

MCI’s director for value-added services Abouzar Mehrmanesh, who was also present at the meeting, said, “As per the CRA rules, we have put a cap on the daily text messages that each individual is allowed to send; in case the given number exceeds the limit, specific methods are utilized to figure out commercial and non-personal usage.”

According to Mehrmanesh, MCI users are permitted distribution lists, sending 500 text messages a day. 

In addition, he explained that overstepping the limit in question is the sole means to identify a violation, adding that a legal barrier bars the operator from checking the content of the messages; however, any abnormal pattern of usage may help catch the offenders red-handed.


Iran Value-Added Services mobile operators Regulations