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EghtesadOnline: Iranian mobile virtual network operator Amin has introduced a SIM card and mobile plan named Teentaak designed to provide parental control over youngsters' communications technology usage.

An MVNO is a telecommunication service provider that does not have an exclusive infrastructure of its own, but functions by leasing from other network operators.

Teentaak is offering a prepaid 4G cellphone plan, tailored for children and teenagers, designed to help parents monitor minors' application of communications services and shield the youngsters against the possible negative effects of the Internet, local technology website CITNA reported. 

For employing the services, users need to install an application named also Teentaak on their handsets, according to Financial Tribune.

By providing enhanced parental control over children's Internet usage, the MVNO hopes to alleviate prevailing concerns in this regard. Moreover, youngsters' guardians can introduce usage caps to forestall possible bill shocks. 

Teentaak subscribers may use typical telecommunications services namely text messaging, voice calls, as well as browsing the World Wide Web, though content not suitable for kids will be blocked.

The MVNO's director Hamidreza Amirinia says, "In the digital age and the world of communications, children and teenagers' safety is of utmost significance; believing that kids can shape healthy communications along with adults in the digital world, we put our ideas into action in order to provide anxious parents with some solace and an easy-to-use monitoring mechanism."

Teentaak has been praised by authorities as an effective system. Head of Iran Telecommunication Infrastructure Company Hamid Fattahi says, "Taking into account the various fields of interest and preferences among the younger generation, as well as considering feedback by the users, the MVNO will also offer genuine kid-friendly tailored content."

"In addition, plans are being devised to link the SIM cards with the national education system so as to ease students' access to school curriculums, grade papers and educational videos," he added. 

>Additional Features

Teentaak features an online gaming platform dubbed "Quizvaar" (literally means "like a quiz"), including various categories such as English, general knowledge, literature and poetry, geography and tourism, among other subjects. In regular contests, the three high-scoring players will be awarded cash prizes.

"Teen Jeeb" (translates from Persian into "teen pocket") is another feature provided by the MVNO. It is an electronic wallet, facilitating online payments by scanning QR codes.

One of the other features is "Teen Cup" which is integrated into the panel, challenging kids to compete with their peers in guessing the correct results of soccer matches.

Teentaak SIM cards' starter pack includes gift services, with extra messaging counts, additional voice call minutes and increased data plans.

Unveiled in Elecomp 2018, by ICT Minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi, Teentaak provides a safe haven for the youth.

Vodafone, a British multinational telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in London, and German Deutsche Telekom, which by revenue is the largest telecommunications provider in Europe, also offer money-saving plans with parental control.


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