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EghtesadOnlinbe: The emergence of ride-hailing services has presented citizens with a variety of comforts among which is facilitating the retrieval process of items lost on a ride, in contrast with the old-school taxi services void of driver and passenger profiles making the task rather impossible.

Masoud Nazari, deputy director of major Iranian ride-hailing app Snapp, says that lost and found cases make up a large share of reports submitted to the company’s customer services team.

He adds that certain measures have been integrated into Snapp’s customer services system to help tackle possible complications, reported Mehr News Agency.

Upon receiving a report by passengers, Snapp customer services team will start follow-up queries as soon as possible, according to Financial Tribune.

 Retrieval Process Explained 

First of all, passengers should call customer services and let them know about their missing items. After providing the team with the trip code, Snapp contacts the driver and make inquiries. 

If the driver is still in possession of the lost article, due arrangements are made to return it to the owner. So as to preserve the drivers’ rights, passengers are required to pay them the fare to the place of delivery.        

If unable to reach the driver immediately, the customer service team will put down his name, the passenger’s information, the trip code and description of the lost article.

According to Nazari, drivers usually cooperate with customer services in such cases, but if unavailable or unresponsive, the Snapp team will suspend their accounts temporarily until they contact to check up with the firm. 

“In some cases, drivers report having found articles left in their vehicles. We ask them to keep the items for one week to see if the owner would contact us, so as to speed up the retrieval process. Otherwise, the driver would hand in the article to Snapp headquarters, and we will take over the task of finding the given passenger,” he added. 

The company recommends that passengers should make sure that all their personal effects are in place before reaching their destination; drivers are also advised to check and see if passengers have left any items in their cars. 

Passengers and drivers may both call the 41849000 customer services line to submit reports with regard to lost and found items.

During recent years, ride-hailing services have become vastly popular with Iranians. Snapp reports that it has over 10 million registered users and 300,000 plus drivers work for it. The company operates in 52 cities and says on a daily basis it receives over one million trip requests of which at least 800,000 are handled positively.  


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