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EghtesadOnline: Iranian startup has unveiled a new customer relations management platform that can assist firms with offering value-added services (VAS). Requiring a user verification code, the framework may also rid the already frustrated subscribers of spam messages.

Dubbed Payamak-e Sefid (literally meaning 'white text message') the platform is a value-added service management platform developed by, a subsidiary of Ideh Pardazan Company.

VAS refers to all services beyond standard voice calls and text messages including text-message based contests and polls, missed call alerts, sports and news services and mobile advertising, Financial Tribune reported.

"This platform is designed to bridge the gap between service providers and users, and endeavors to encourage effective and focused methods in offering value-added services via text messages, rather than using the old-school inefficient bulk distribution," Ideh Pardazan CEO Vahid Khosravi was quoted as saying by ISNA.

Khosravi stated that the online platform is a bargain for small businesses seeking an authorized low-cost framework for managing their value-added services, incapable to afford costly software packages.

>Taking the Initiative 

Communications Regulatory Authority has of late barred telemarketers and mobile operators from sending unconsented automated text messages that users deem as an utter nuisance. CRA has further warned VAS providers about using personal numbers, also urging the need to create a subscription modification panel for users.

Falling in line with the recent directives issued by CRA, the user consent requirement gives Payamak-e Sefid the upper hand in the area of VAS. In addition, users of the system are granted the option to unsubscribe.

As per a report by major VAS service provider, 60% of people have blocked text message advertising numbers. The platform at hand enables blacklisted numbers to once again opt in to VAS, though this time, after obtaining users' consent.  

>Successful Pilot Phase

In a two-year pilot phase, Payamak-e Sefid managed to handle the texting services of 4,000 firms, handling over 80 million messages. With the platform going into full swing, developers hope to gain more traction in the country. 

Payamak-e Sefid can be used by businesses, religious unions, schools, mosques, culture and sports complexes, recreational resorts and shopping centers to inform customers about seasonal sales, discounts, time and place of conventions and conferences, new products as well as congratulatory events.

A one-month free trial period is offered to firms so that entities can make sure this is what they need. Payamak-e Sefid can be used either on the web ( or through its smartphone application. Sending each text message via the services costs between 125 to 175 rials (0.2-0.4 cents).

Payamak-e Sefid has Android and iOS applications which in addition to the company's website are available for download on local app stores. customer relations management platform