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We all know that today online businesses have grown significantly in the digital space and the number of these businesses is increasing every moment. But one of the biggest disadvantages of the growth of these businesses is that there is a lot of variety in providing services and quality of products. In many cases, this may be confusing and annoying for the audience. Safarmarket, as a marketplace in the field of providing tourism services, is trying to create an innovation in this market. In this article, we intend to introduce you more to Safarmarket and its various services. So stay with us in the following.


What makes Safarmarket different?

Safarmarket is the largest marketplace in the field of tourism and is a platform for providing services such as flight ticket, train ticket, tours, hotel and accommodation reservations.


What is marketPlace?

Marketplace, is one of the most efficient and best online business models, and some of the most successful businesses in the world, such as Amazon and Uber, use this business model.

Today, we all buy many of our daily needs online, and this has led to the formation a large number of store and service sites on the online platforms, which also confuses users. In marketplace, a large number of suppliers and providers present their products and services in an integrated platform so that users can choose and buy their products by comparing the price and quality of each of them.


Safarmarket mechanism as a tourism marketplace

Let's assume that you, as a tourist, are looking to find and book your suitable plane ticket. The first thing that probably comes to your mind is to search for plane tickets in the Google search engine. But the result you will find is a large number of websites selling plane tickets and travel agency websites. Type of services and costs of them are very different from each other. You might be interested to know that there are different prices for a specific flight as much as each of these sites. But every passenger prefers to get his ticket at the cheapest possible rate. But finding this ticket is certainly very time-consuming and boring. Because you may not get the desired result by searching on different sites and you have just wasted your time. To solve this problem, Safarmarket entered the Iranian tourism industry by using its marketplace mechanism.

It can be said that Safarmarket is a specialized search engine for plane tickets, which is reliable and successful among all sites and offers all prices to the audience in an orderly and comparative manner. For this reason, you no longer need to search dozens of sites and agencies to find the services you want, and you can see all the results at once and in the shortest time by just searching the Safarmarket site.


What are the facilities of Safarmarket?

Probably, after introducing the mechanism and operation of Safarmarket, you want to know what products and services you can get from it, so stay with us in the rest of the article to introduce Safarmarket services.


Plane ticket

It can be said that the main and most important product offered in Safarmarket is the plane ticket. You can find all kinds of available plane tickets, including plane tickets to domestic and foreign destinations, charter plane tickets. easily find it with a simple search on the Safarmarket website and by comparing the prices you can book the cheapest ticket available in the market.


Travel tour

Another one of the most important products of Safarmarket is wide variety of tours. You can easily see a large number of tours with different quality and services by searching the tour section of Safarmarket and then choose the best and most suitable tour and get it at the cheapest market price.


Train ticket

Another product of Safarmarket is providing train tickets. Therefore, you can safely buy train tickets from in addition to buying plane tickets and easily travel to any part of Iran you want.


Hotel and residence

To use this service, you can enter the hotel search page, and then by entering the destination and date of arrival and departure, you can find all the hotels, residences, and villas according to your search, and then choose and book the best one.

Safarmarket travel marketplace