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Iran is the perfect destination for adventurous travelers. Iran is a four season country with a rich historical and cultural background. Iran is known as a country that is blessed with extraordinary historical sites, a colorful and diverse culture, and exquisite landscapes. It is worthy of mention that Iran is one of the most Budget-friendly travel destinations in the world. The various types of tours that are arranged in Iran, can cover any taste. From cycling in Damavand mountain and trekking Zard Kuh to visiting culture sites of Tabriz, Shiraz and other cities, you can find a tour suitable to your preferences and budget. Choosing the most suitable tour based on your likings and a professional guide can affect your adventure in Iran.

Trekking in Iran, everything you expected and more

Trekking is a popular activity amongst Iranians. Trekking is praising for the sould and the body. Trekking can improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthen your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles in your hips and lower legs and challenge your body and etc. There are many mountains scattered all around Iran that are suitable for trekking. Zard Kuh, Damavand, Alam Kuh and Sabalan mountain are worth of mention as the best trekking resorts. Mount Damavand which is also known as “the roof of Iran” which is the highest natural point in the Middle-East and highest volcano in Asia, is the best place for trekking. Damavand is the country’s symbol and an important part of Iranian mythology. The highest peak of Damavand is at 5,671 meters’ elevation. Damavand trekking requires a great deal of physical and mental preparation and readiness can help improving your mental state. Although Damavand trekking is known as a challenge, it is worth doing for many reason. Primarily, Damavand mountain is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Iran. Lar national part, Abali ski resort, various lakes and hot water springs add to the beauty of this spot. you can dive into the nature of Iran its unique attractions with a Damavand tour. Secondly, mountain Damavand has and importance in culture of Iran and its mythology, therefore, it can be a way to connect with the culture of Iran.


Skiing, sport or adventure?

Aside from the hot desert o Lut and Mesr desert that are located in the heart of Middle-East, Iran, this beautiful country is the home to the best ski resorts of the region. Tochal ski resort, Dizin ski resort, Abali ski resort and Shemshak ski resort are amongst the largest and best equipped ski resorts in Iran. Ski is a great adventure for everyone which makes ski tour in Iran very popular. Iran has many extraordinary ski resorts and more than hundred peaks over 4000m, Therefore, ski tour in Iran is a very common adventure for nature and sports lovers. The best period for skiing in Tehran is from January to the end of March.

Ski tour in Iran is one of the most popular activities and Iran ski resorts are modern and luxury.


Bottom line

Iran is a great destination for an adventurous time. This four-season country is one of the most budget friendly destinations. Visiting Iran will not only involve historical sightseeing, it also involves heavenly natural sites. Iran can be a heaven for those in love with nature. Having a professional leader with skills and qualifications is a necessity in tours. Choose your tour wisely so you can avoid any problems that may befall you. If you want to have adventure in Iran, you need information and preparation. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of you travel and can have a major effect on your experience. Atour is one of the best agencies that provides Iran tours and also collaborates with Mr. Iraj Maani.  You can check out Atour’s official website to get more information on their personalized and presented tours.


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