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Those who visit Iran for the first time are in for a lot of surprises. Iran and its people are so different from what you've thought until you see them.

Iran is a country that is portrayed in many incorrect ways by the media, but when you take an Iran tour, you'll see how beautiful it is, and what a warm-hearted and hospitable people it has.

Those who have visited Iran describe it as a memorable experience. There are also a few behind-the-scenes surprises on your trip to Iran. Come along for a quick tour of Iran's untold.

Iran or Persia?


These two are the same. As a race, Persians belong to the Iranian nation, and their country is Iran. Persia was the name given to ancient Iran, which was ruled by royal families.

Visa in Iran


Your trip to Iran may only be difficult because of this. Only airports offer visas on arrival. These visas are only valid for 30 days. The Iranian embassy or consulate in your country can help you obtain a tourist visa. If you need help with your Iran visaIran visa travel agency can assist you since they deal with visa processing.

You will need to get a tourist visa from a consulate if you can't get a visa on arrival. Iran requires a consular visa for citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. You need an authorization number to apply for the Iran visa if you're from one of these countries. To apply for an Iranian visa online, applicants from other countries must use Iran's electronic visa portal. Citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada must obtain a travel guide before traveling to Iran. As a result of Iran's new travel policy, Americans, Brits, and Canadians cannot travel independently to Iran. Citizens from these countries are only allowed to visit Iran when on tour.

You cannot travel to Iran if your passport shows evidence of entry into Israel. Additionally, this applies if you have a land border entry or exit stamp from an Israeli neighbor state. How can this be avoided? See if your country permits special circumstances to apply for a second passport.



Dress Code in Iran


For the most part, there are a few rules to follow. Long pants and long sleeves are required for women in public. Women must cover their hair in public on their trip to Iran. In public places, men cannot wear shorts either. Clothing made from cotton is the best thing to bring to Iran in summer and spring since the radiation and heat can often shock tourists.

It is smart to wear darker clothing with darker colors when you are living in a small town. Small towns are often more traditional and religious. There are several hundred thousand foreign tourists who travel to Iran especially in big cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Yazd each year, so they do not have strict regulations about your coverage. Follow the dress code, that's all you need to do.

Best Time to Travel to Iran


Iran offers a variety of climates. Snowfall and the sweltering heat are both possible in summer. So, Iran is a viable destination in almost any season. Nevertheless, it seems that spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel to Iran.

Accommodation in Iran


Depending on your budget and preferences, there are many types of accommodations available. You can find a range of traditional boutique hotels, inns, and hotels ranging from modest to luxurious during your trip to Iran. Hotels provide greater comfort and charge a higher price, but you are familiar with the experience. Consequently, traditional hotels or boutique hotels are recommended. In some cases, you may not be able to pay for their services, but a company like Tap Persia can easily solve this problem by booking for you the best Iran tour and the perfect accommodation for your needs.



Is Iran Safe to Travel?


Definitely! Iran has outstanding travel potential and is a safe country. Iranians will always be there to assist you, and the country is very welcoming and friendly. The police patrol all tourist areas and nearby to make sure that everything is under control. Iran's neighbors are indeed problematic, however, if you heed your consulate's warnings about some of Iran's borders, you will be in no danger in your travel to Iran.

Iranian Etiquette


Their hospitality is outstanding. Almost every Iranian will invite you to his house if you spend more than five minutes with him. The Iranian people know it's their duty to make your visit enjoyable. From the moment you step across its border, you're aware of this. In addition, they are very tolerant and educated.

RIAL or Toman?


There is a strange economic situation in Iran. Iran's currency fluctuates wildly. Daily transactions are facilitated using the Tuman system. 1 Toman equals 10 Rials. When calculating with others, the “Toman” take is probably used instead of the Iranian currency (rial), so don't get distracted because nothing is strange about these transactions.

Internet Access in Iran


Internet access in Iran requires an Iranian SIM card. You can buy a SIM card from one of the famous Iranian communication companies, such as Irancell and Hamrah Aval, at the airport by showing your passport. Both SIM cards and Internet costs are relatively affordable.

Various social networks and messengers are filtered in Iran, such as Facebook, and YouTube. There is no need to worry, though, since VPN access will unblock these services.

Transportation in Iran


Depending on where you are traveling, you can use planes, trains, buses, and cars. Iran's airlines are almost as cheap as other ways to travel, so we recommend taking them for long trips, as they are faster than other means of transportation. You may also choose the bus route; make sure to purchase a VIP ticket in Iran. Their prices are very affordable and their bus transportation is of a high standard.

Iran is a Feast For Foodies


The experience of traveling to Iran will be a riot of scents, colors, and flavors. Iran is home to an incredible variety of cuisine. Rasht, Iran, is a creative food city rated by UNESCO. When you are on vacation, what could be more enjoyable than eating mouth-watering food? Among Middle Easterners, Persians tend to have the most refined taste. Neither spices nor fat bothers you at all. The food in Iran is well known around the world.



Last Words to Travelers


You should know some extra things about Iran. Buying, selling, and carrying alcohol is illegal.

Public displays of affection are very limited in Iran, so try to avoid showing intimacy in public as much as possible. As a general rule, it is best to refrain from showing too much, due to the religious and traditional atmosphere of Iran.

In addition, I must point out that Iranian weekends are different from others. In Iran, Thursday and Friday are weekends.

 With the TAP Persia Iran Tour, you will be assured that everything will be as you have imagined and that you will never forget what it was like to go to Iran.


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