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Car rental in Istanbul is one of the most popular services that most tourists look for it when they want to travel to this city. If you are one of those people who prefer to experience car rental for foreign travel and prefer to drive by yourself to see the various and beautiful attractions of your destination, you are at the right place! Since it isn’t possible to transport cars by passenger planes to other countries, fortunately, these days the car rental companies like Saadatrent solve most of the concerns of travelers in different cities and countries and note that car rentals in foreign countries have their own rules. Saadatrent as one of the international car rental companies in the middle east offers car rental in Dubai, Iran and Istanbul is here to get you acquainted with them.

Why car rental in Istanbul?

Turkey is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries and the most popular tourist destination for everyone. Beautiful scenery, attractive driving on highways, going to tourist attractions have led many tourists to think about how to rent a car in this city. After renting a car from companies like Saadatrent, if you are planning to visit the tourist attractions of Istanbul, be sure to check the exact address of the places you want to go by car with a person who knows the exact map and address. Another noteworthy point in this regard is that there is not a significant amount of gasoline in rental cars, so after renting a car, go to the nearest gas station to fill the car's gas tank.

The benefits of renting a car in Istanbul

One of the advantages of using a rental car in Istanbul is cost savings because, in exchange for paying heavy fees for taxi rental, you can have a rental car, without restrictions and affordable, and visit the tourist attractions of Istanbul. You can also pick up and drop off the car wherever you want in the city and have an easy trip.

What are the main conditions for car rental in Istanbul?

If you are looking to travel to Istanbul and you want to have a comfortable car, you can contact car rental service companies and experience a comfortable trip in Istanbul. Then you can easily go wherever you want with daily car rental. With car rental companies like Saadatrent, you can rent the car you want both in-person and online, and to rent a car online, you only need to have documents such as an international certificate with a minimum validity of one year and a passport. Applicants should not be less than 20 years old. If you prefer to rent a car in person, provide documents and charge a fee. The remarkable point is that daily car rental in Istanbul has a limit of one kilometer and customers are allowed to drive daily with a fixed kilometer limit, which can be said that this type We offer car rental only for people who travel to Istanbul and other cities of Turkey for their business and car rental prices in Turkey and Istanbul is completely different according to the conditions and vary depending on the type of car and the number of days you request for rent. There will also be cars available for car rental in Istanbul all at affordable prices.


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