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As becoming a PCO driver in the UK is going to be a viral career (it is currently but going to be more and more viral) it is a good idea to know about the process of Uber car rental and how it works. The point is, Uber car rental London, is a great business as well. The PCO car providers offer you services of hiring Uber ready cars to join right away and start your occupation as a PCO driver.

First, let’s have detailed information about the PCO driver jobs to see how they work and earn exactly and what are the requirements to be a PCO driver in the UK, then you can read about the Uber car rental London. Fasten your seatbelt for a clear guide!















The article includes

  • PCO driver (Uber driver) job
  • Details about Uber car rental London
  • Where to find an Uber ready PCO car to rent in London?
  • Top Uber car rental London vehicles
  • Conclusion

PCO driver (Uber driver) job

A PCO driver has the same career as a taxi driver with a few differences. For example, as a taxi driver in the UK, it is normal to hail around in the street to catch the correct customers, while PCO drivers are picked either by phone call or by applications on smartphones. In other words, it is a kind of pre-booked taxis and in most cases the customers are individuals.















Another difference is the work time. As an Uber driver, you are not obligated to work at a specific time in the day, rather it is totally up to you to choose the work time. You can work either nights or days. So, what is required to be a PCO driver? Here are the general requirements:

  1. Being eligible to work in the UK
  2. Having a valid driver’s license
  3. Minimum age of 21 with 3 years of driving experience
  4. Having PCO license

Further requirements may be needed for different PHV operators. For instance, Uber asks you to have a valid insurance with PCO license for the vehicle and upload all the documents to the website. In order to find the exact requirements of each rideshare company, you need to check their websites.


Details about Uber car rental London

The question is how the Uber car rental works. Well when you want to join any PHV operator, it is necessary to send them the vehicle information. This vehicle can be either your personal car (whether you just bought or you own it for years) or renting a PCO car. PCO cars are the vehicles you can rent from PCO car company providers in the UK with valid insurance and PCO license. These two certificates make the vehicle be Uber ready, or ready to join any other rideshare app.















Compared to bought cars, when you rent a PCO car, there are many advantages:

  1. No need to prepare the PCO license for the vehicle anymore
  2. The insurance is valid and renewed by the PCO car provider
  3. In case of crash or other coincidences, the PCO car company support you
  4. The damage and depreciation doesn’t come to your car and you can change the vehicle with other preferred ones frequently
  5. You can rent the most recent models of the vehicle
  6. Tyre change and MOT license is covered by most of the Uber car rental London
  7. You can use the car for personal purposes

Similarly, there are a few disadvantages for Uber car rental London as mentioned below:

  1. The deposit fee makes many people avoid the rental car
  2. You have to pay a weekly rental fee
  3. If you have a damage when you are not working as a PCO driver (during the personal use of the car) the damage needs to be covered by you
  4. There is a mileage limit considered by each PCO car company

However, the deposit fee can be solved by having an Uber car rental with no deposit plans, in which you will be required to pay a bit more weekly rental fee. In general, we believe Uber car rental London is worth it.

Where to find an Uber ready PCO car to rent in London?

When it comes to hiring Uber ready PCO cars, many results appear on google. The point is, the model and brand of the car can lead you to a different PCO car company. One of the best Uber car rental London companies is G&M Direct Hire which offers you 9 of the UK’s best and most popular PCO cars. All of the PCO cars offered in this company are supported with tyre change and free Mot as well as accident support. Apart from the deposit plans, they offer you no deposit PCO cars in case of unaffordability.

If you couldn’t find your preferred vehicle there, then go for other Uber car rental London companies.

Top Uber car rental London vehicles

If you want to pick your Uber car rental from the most popular ones, it is worth taking a look at the mentioned vehicles below and check peoples review about them:

  1. Kia Niro Uber car rental London
  2. Toyota Prius (Plug-in) Uber car rental London
  3. Toyota Corolla Uber car rental London
  4. Hyundai Ioniq Uber car rental London
  5. Ford Galaxy Uber car rental London
  6. Volkswagen Sharan Uber car rental London



Uber car rental London is what every new and experienced PCO driver needs to know. What we mentioned here is a beginner guide. If you want a more detailed guide, we recommend you to check G&M Direct Hire blog to have enough information about everything you need to know about Uber car rental and PCO car hire. We hope to find this article helpful.


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