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Are you a fab of long and adventures road trips? Rentkonim car rental in Tehran or other cities of Iran will make an amazing opportunity to experience an unforgettable road trip. You may ask why Iran? what makes Iran a great destination for road trip enthusiasts? Iran is a vast country with diverse perspectives, cultures and languages. The climatic and cultural diversity is so great that it takes years to see this vast and ancient land. That is why sightseeing and road trip are so popular in Iran. A road trip in Iran revives the spirit of your adventure and takes you to places where you can discover it yourself; A hidden path in an old decade or a cave on a remote mountain slope. People who have just discovered the joy of road trip in Iran are always trying new ways, routes and destinations to travel to Iran and have a good time with this feeling.

In this article, Rentkonim, one of the pioneers of car rental in Iran with many branches in Iran cities like Rentkonim car rental in Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan and etc., will introduce you to the best road trip routes and destinations to discover the wonders of Iran. but at first, let’s learn more about this company.

Rentkonim; with you in Iran

 Rentkonim is one of biggest car rental companies in Iran. this company with many active branches in different cities of Iran like Rentkonim car rental in Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Kish is ready to offer the high-quality car rental services with the most suitable price and 24/7 customer support. This company with the highest level of customer satisfaction is available at any time, any where and you can book your car with just a call.

Rentkonim, is available for your road trip journey in Iran. you can rent a car with the best price and best mechanical situation and start your trip. But what are the best roads that worth visiting during your trip? In the continue, we are going to introduce you top three riads that you should miss them at all.

Best routes for road trip in Iran?

For road trip in Iran you can choose many routes, but the best of them are:

Asalem to Khalkhal road

Asalem-Khalkhal road is one of the most beautiful roads in the northern provinces of the country, which starts from Asalem city in Gilan province and continues to Khalkhal city in the south of Ardabil province. This road is one of the greenest and rainiest routes in the north of the country and due to its altitude, it has a cold climate. At the beginning of this road near the city of Asalem, you will encounter a dense cover of trees, which are located on both sides of the winding road, and sunlight shines through the foliage of the trees.

Chalous Road

Chalous Road is one of the most famous roads in the north of Iran and due to its proximity to Tehran as well as the access route to the northern cities of Iran, especially in Mazandaran province, it is one of the busiest road routes in Iran. The length of this road is about 160 km and it passes through the greenest forests and the most beautiful mountains along its winding path.

Hajij Road to Oraman Takht

Hajij road to Oraman Takht is one of the most unique roads in Iran, which leads to two beautiful villages in the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in a mountainous way. The villages of this area have stepped houses and flowing rivers are flowing around them. Along the way from Hajij to Oraman Takht, you will pass Rocky Mountains, lush nature, roaring springs and steep slopes. This road is one of the most winding roads in Iran and has pristine natural landscapes.

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