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EghtesadOnline: President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that critics of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPO) must hear complaints of the enemies citing the Israeli and Saudi leaders criticism of the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Asked by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting reporter to respond to the critics saying that JCPOA had no impacts on national economy, the President said that they must be fair in criticizing the government.

The president said that enemies are saying that JCPOA is to the benefit of Iran, but, from the beginning Iran wanted to clinch a win-win deal to make it sustainable for all parties, IRNA reported. 

We are now approaching the first anniversary of implementation of the JCPOA and believe that it is a win-win game and Iran expects all parties to remain committed to the pledges and it will lead to eliminate the economic bottlenecks, the president said.

Rate of USD in the next year budget plan has been envisaged at 33,000 rials, he said. 

Market stability is of prime importance of the government and the current price rise of foreign currencies will not continue. Instead, they will fall against rial in the next few months.

President said the JCPOA was a great job and should be regarded as a national achievement belonged to all people. 

JCPOA proved that Iran has changed the world public opinion, neutralized Iranophobia and Iran managed to resolve the nuclear dispute through dialogue in a win-win deal.

JCPOA helped us increase our oil income and in absence of JCPOA, the country's oil income should have been halved, he said.

The government spares no efforts to help government employees, improve the status of life standard of in remote areas, their welfare, and payment of the salaries of the government employees, he said. 

In oil, gas, transportation, insurance JCPOA worked quite well but only in banking affairs there are some problems, he said. 

JCPOA helped Iran sign agreement for purchase of passenger planes, he said. 
Iranians pay some four billion dollars for tickets of foreign airlines, he said, adding that the government prefers to see Iranians use national airlines with new planes bought after striking the nuclear deal.

Agreement between Iran Air and foreign partner is a 18 year long contract which is a good sign for Iranian air transport.

The issue of Iranophobia is now removed and their stand at UN against Iran turned to the country's positive role in the world. Even in recent UN meeting on Syria the world admitted to Iran's assistance to the international campaign against terrorism. 

Over the 50 years the UN did not pass a resolution against the Israeli settlement expansion, but, the Security Council passed a resolution last week requiring an stop to the jewish settlements and such a breakthrough should be regarded as an achievement of the JCPOA.

Today, the world seeks to help Iran to improve its nuclear technology which brings us more prestige, the president said.

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