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EghtesadOnline: Iran Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhoundi has said the signing of a contract between IranAir and US Boeing once again emphasizes the importance of protecting the achievements attained in Iran nuclear deal – known as JCPOA.

The minister made the remarks in a statement issued on Sunday after IranAir and Boeing signed a contract for the purchase of 80 Boeing aircraft, IRNA reported. 

Following is the full text of the minister's statement: 

'Undoubtedly, today is a historic day with potentials for dramatic effects on Iran's Aviation Industry and even more significantly, for the security of Iran, the region and the world. This contract, signed between IranAir and Boeing today after 41 years sends a clear message to the world that by signing this contract, in spite of all warmongerings of Israel and ISIS forces and their allies in the region, the businessmen and entrepreneurs particularly in the transport industry conveyed to the world the message of peace, security and development of humanitarian relations as well as actions based on a win-win policy.

'The signing of this contract, in the current context in which the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been doubted in the political arena, once more emphasizes the importance of protecting the achievements attained.

'We hope that despite all the transformations in the US Administration happening in the near future, the US would honor its commitments, since these are also what US businessmen demand of their policy-makers.

'We hope that the US political society has reached a level of maturity and accountability for creating an environment determined to prove to the world that we can secure peace through 'dialogue'.

'Today is historic for Iran’s Aviation Industry and we have taken the first step for the modernization of the aircraft fleet. The purchase of 80 Boeing Aircrafts in addition to 100 Airbus Aircrafts and 20 ATRs, which will be finalized soon, indicate our strong determination for modernizing Iran’s aircraft fleet.

'In this regard, the basis of our action is to make the most of Iran's comparative advantages, increasing competitiveness in the aviation industry and regaining Iran's share of the regional and global aviation industry. To achieve this goal, our policy is commercial competition at the international level through increased efficiency and better services to Iranians and the people of the world and to gain their satisfaction.

'The total number of purchased seats through this contract equals to 50,000; twice more than all seats in the current aircraft fleet combined. This is the first step for the structural renovation of IranAir (Homa). We will soon restructure IranAir financially and legally; offering its shares in Tehran Stock Exchange or in international stock markets upon obtaining necessary licenses.

'This contract with Boeing is estimated to create more than 8000 job opportunities in the aviation industry, including flight attendant, piloting, technical, engineering and maintenance careers. Moreover, tens of thousands of indirect jobs would be created in departure and destination cities as well as Iran's remote cities.

'We believe this is a fundamental strategy to strengthen Iran's economy against national and international shocks.

'To conclude, I would like to thank IranAir and Civil Aviation Organization managers and all of their technical, legal and commercial experts as well as my Deputy in International and Investment Affairs, who has brought this historic contract to fruition.

'Also, I would like to sincerely appreciate the cooperation of senior managers and experts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran's Management and Planning Organization.

'Finally, I would like to acknowledge the guidance and support of the President, Dr. Rouhani, who had been with us throughout this process.'

JCPOA Boeing IranAir Abbas Akhoundi Iran deal