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EghtesadOnline: Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Sunday that Israel is West Asian only critical body in nature and none of the neighboring countries is regarded as threat to Iran except for the Zionist regime.

'None of the neighboring and west Asian countries, except the Zionist regime, is regarded as security threat to Iran,' Shamkhani told the First International Conference on Security opened in Tehran Sunday.

He said that internal despotism, hegemony and foreign aggression are fundamental causes of regional crises, IRNA reported.

Shamkhani highlighted significance of democracy as supporter of national security by partnership of different social layers in determining the fate of a nation and democratic transition of of power in regional states respecting the votes of democratic elections.

He said that lack of independence and foreign infiltration in certain regional states have led to forged crises to materialize the objectives of the transregional powers.

Shamkhani emphasized the fact that regional crises are forged in nature, saying that the Zionist regime is the only critical body in nature. 

'The ongoing forged crises are the offshoot of the goals and policies of the trans-regional powers to cover up the main crisis and divert the capacity of confronting the Zionist regime through arms race and bloodshed in borders of the Muslim World.

Shamkhani said security and interests are integrated and intertwined concepts whose materialization will be possible in light of active and contributing role of the pivotal players based on their power and status.

He deplored lack of effective mechanism in the region which would work without being influenced by interests of foreign powers, having the possibility for settlement of regional crises on win-win basis. 

'There is no durable military strategy to settle regional crisis and the illusion of creating a winner-or-loser in current conflicts should not encourage the military strategy, but, the mechanism of dialogue and understanding.'

Shamkhani said Iran's security doctrine is based on the soft power and seeks conventional deterrence in defense with a focus on the strategy of second blow.

He said that terrorism is the common global suffering whose bloody clutches are seen in body of west Asia.

'Instrumental use of terrorism to promote political objectives and attributing it to the noble religion of Islam to expand Islamphobia and divide Muslims have led to complicated situation whose winner is the Zionist regime.'

Ali Shamkhani Zionist regime Iran security