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EghtesadOnline: Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that Iran has neither positive nor negative view towards Donald Trump election as the US new president.

Speaking to Chinese Phoenix TV, he said, 'At present, we have no judgment over US president-elect Trump because he has raised issues during his electoral campaign which will usually differ during presidency.'

'We have no opinion in this respect as we should wait to see what he will do in practice,' Larijani said.

Noting that Iran has no diplomatic ties with the US, he added that havi relations with the US may be significant for certain countries but it is not important for Iran, according to IRNA.

Asked what Iran will do if Trump tightens sanctions against Iran, he said that incumbent US administration is not much different from this view and Iran will take decisions in proportionate to the situation.

Larijani described Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as an international deal rather than bilateral, saying that six major countries including China were involved in the deal. Therefore, sabotaging the deal will make the other parties ask about the reasons for violating it.

As to any decision by the US House of Representatives which may lead to violation of the JCPOA, he said that it has taken decisions but they should take certain courses. They first go to the Senate and then should be signed by the US president.

'Anyhow, we will monitor the situation and take decisions accordingly,' he said.

'We do not heed words; rather we monitor actions. We wait Trump take the helm of the country to see how he will put into practice,' Larijani said.

Asked whether the US and Europe's attitudes towards the JCPOA are different, he said that Iran has had close ties with the EU since the ancient times as it had with Russia and China. But following the deal, certain trade ties were revived.

Larijani also said that he is optimistic about future of Iran's economy. Certain problems in the country have nothing to do with the sanctions; rather they are rooted in the managerial system which should be solved.

As to the sales of Boeing to Iran, Larijani said that this is among the issues mentioned within JCPOA and purchase of planes should be facilitated under the deal and relevant talks are still underway.

Of course, House of Representatives has created problems in this respect and if they want to continue the course, they themselves will get into trouble because the issue has clearly been noted in the deal, Larijani said.

Asked whether you are ready for cooperation with the US on regional issues, he said, 'We think that its policies in the region are against those of Iran's.'

The US and the Zionist regime enjoy chaotic situation in the region, as they think their interests will be ensured under this condition while Iran has a different viewpoint as it thinks about a sustainable security in the region and believes that terrorism should be uprooted.

'I think China and Russia are of the same attitude regarding the issues but the US and the Zionist regime think otherwise,' Larijani said.

As to Iran-China ties, Majlis speaker said that their ties are strong and sustainable. Chinese president underlined strategic ties with Iran which in turn believes in strategic relations with the country.

Of course, Iran-China relations are not at a desirable level, he said, noting that China is expected to take correct steps in the field.

Currently, Iranian businessmen can open LC easily with certain European banks but they do not do so with Chinese banks, he said.

Ali Larijani Donald Trump