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EghtesadOnline: Takfiri and Wahhabi terrorists carried suicide truck bombing attack against pilgrims in Helleh region of Iraq which killed a large number of Arbaeen pilgrims in an attempt to prevent spread of the big message of Arbaeen.

Helleh suicide truck bombing in Iraq is in a series of the terrorist attacks with an aim to inflict more human fatality and violence including the attack carried out in Karade of Iraq several months ago, according to IRNA. 

The truck bombing in Helleh was not the first terrorist operations in its kind.

The terror operations are worth considering from several perspectives:

*Helleh terrorist operations were not a complicated military operation but a suicide terrorist operation: A truck carrying oil supplies loaded with explosives drove into crowd of defenseless people in an area that lacked any security and protection, causing high human fatality.

*The area targeted by the terrorist operation was not military zone neither the first nor the second security zones designated by Iraqi government to organize observation of Arbaeen. 
Glorious Arbaeen procession comprised of the pilgrims lasted for a month long and were held in full peace and security. 

In the period, the least cases of insecurity were observed, indicating that Iraqi government, assisted by popular forces and Iranian advisory services, managed to guarantee security of the huge procession while launching the big Mosul liberation operations.

*The simple structure of Helleh terrorist operations and Daesh terrorists claiming the responsibility, show that Daesh tried to have a show. This will be meaningful when regarding regional realities as indicative of the fading power and influence of Daesh Takfiri wing and Iraqi forces regaining occupied regions and Daesh having no option but leaving the scene or resisting. The group had no way but to withdraw from Mosul after operations for Mosul liberation. So, it tried to cover up fall and weakening of its power and launched a savage terror attack to claim survival.

*Most importantly, the message of big Arbaeen procession was that recent ceremony was observed by about 20 million pilgrims from Iraq and many other countries. Annually the ceremony is changing both in quality and quantity of participants. The high participation more than anything else shows growing integration and unity of Islamic Ummah and proves that irrespective of their age and the Shia affiliation, the participants are getting more and more united. So, one of the objectives such criminal operations of the Takfiri groups aims to create horror and intimidation among pilgrims of Arbaeen.

*From other perspective, the groups – either American occupiers in Iraq or certain regional players, that had problem with the post-2003 Iraq, having put on their agenda the scenario of creating and supporting terrorist groups so as to prevent advancement of Iraqi government and their solidarity with such key players as the Islamic Republic of Iran. Consequently, one of the goals of the operation was enemies' efforts to make the region unstable in a bid to ruin the arrangements taking shape due to Iraqi convergence with such powers as Iran. 
Such efforts come about when over recent years, Iran stood in line of open campaign against extremist wings of the region, especially Iraq and Syria. The presence minimized danger of terrorist attacks on the neighbors and prevented their encroachment to the country's borders. In fact, despite problems it has been facing as a result of the explicit and implicit support of certain regional powers to jeopardize the regional security, Iran has had strong and effective presence to fight the scenario of terrorist wings. Helleh terrorist attack which took place shortly after Arbaeen procession show that the presence should continue by the countries targeted by terrorist groups.

ISIS Daesh suicide attacks