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EghtesadOnline: Head of the Center for Strategic Studies affiliated to the Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati said on Saturday that the terrorists and extremists are instruments at the US and the Zionists hands.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Tunisian parliamentary delegation.

Velayati said that that the terrorists and arrogant powers are seeking to weaken and split the Islamic states, reports IRNA.

Iran attaches great significance to Tunisia as a Muslim country and is happy to see intimacy among the opponents and supporters of the Tunisian government, he said.

Velayati said that he believes that democracy has been established in the true sense in Tunisia and that the Tunisian government has managed to stop spread of terrorism.

Velayati expressed deep concern about presence of terrorists in the region and the hazardous situation, saying that there is a dangerous situation near the country which has made the region insecure.

The US and western states intend is to split Syria into four parts and they are also seeking to divide Iraq into three and Yemen to at least two parts, he said.

Division of Islamic countries will have dangerous repercussions, Velayati said, noting that their split will make them weaker against the arrogant powers as they will engage with themselves.

He said that the Islamic states have potential power in the international community, and that a major section of the world lies in the hands of the Islamic countries possessing huge resources.

They can turn into a major power in the world but disintegration of the Islamic states will make the Islamic states weaker, the senior official said.

Noting that Tunisia can serve as role model for other Muslim states, he said, 'I am happy to see you have overcome problems so that presence of terrorists near the country has created no difficulty for the nation.'

Tunisian Lawmaker Mobarakeh al-Barahami, for her part, expressed pleasure with her visit to Tehran and Tunisian delegation comprises representatives of opponent and proponent parties of the current Tunisian government.

Iran has achieved remarkable economic development progress in post-revolution era despite war and internal problems, she said.

The region faces insecurity and spread of terrorism, she said, noting that Tunisia attaches great respect to Iran's constructive role in the region.

Al-Barahami hoped that terrorism will be uprooted in the region and no conflict will take place despite the Saudis destructive role to stir up conflict and bloodshed. 

terrorism Ali Akbar Velayati extremism