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EghtesadOnline: President Hassan Rouhani said the US administration has not adhered to any human principles, human rights and international laws.

Rouhani, however, highlighted how the people withstood the hardship arising from both the sanctions and the viral outbreak, expressing certainty that the Iranian nation will eventually become victorious. 

The president was addressing a ceremony to inaugurate a water transfer project on Thursday, reported 

In a statement issued a couple of days after the US presidential elections on Tuesday, Rouhani said the United States’ next administration will have to submit to the Iranian nation without a doubt, no matter who takes its helm. 

“They have no way but to give in to law, regulations and the pressure of public opinion and to the patience and resistance of the great Iranian nation,” he said. 

US President Donald Trump was pitted against his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the elections. 

Trump pulled the US out of Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and imposed sweeping sanctions on Tehran. 

He aimed to pressure Iran into renegotiating a more comprehensive deal to further restrict Iran’s defensive power and regional influence, but failed to make any headway. 

Iran responded by scaling back its commitments, when the remaining signatories failed to guarantee its JCPOA interests. It has declared its intention to comply fully with JCPOA when the signatories ensure the deal’s economic benefits.  

Biden, on the other hand, has vowed to rejoin the agreement, if Iran returned to full compliance. 

The president censured the sanctions that were cruelly imposed on the Iranian nation and were intensified even during the coronavirus pandemic, when people needed medicine and medical equipment.  

He described the hardship caused to the Iranian government and people as “unprecedented”. 

“We have been through difficult years … At least in the history of Iran, I do not know of anything like it,” he said. 

The country, Rouhani noted, has always been struggling with pressure and sanctions, but “never an economic war of such scale”.



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