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EghtesadOnline: Taking measures against US President Donald Trump’s outrageous Middle East ploy could help foster solidarity among Palestinian movements, Iran’s ambassador to Kuwait said.

Mohammad Irani added that there are two clear implications of Trump’s plan: increased cohesion among Palestinian factions and promotion of resistance against Israel’s encroachment, IRNA reported.

Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu introduced their lopsided vision for the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine in a ceremony at the White House last week without the presence of Palestinian representatives, according to Financial Tribune.

Irani said, “Even the most complacent Palestinian movements are feeling threatened. Therefore, this is the right time for Palestine to use this opportunity to forge stronger unity.”

The so-called “Deal of the Century” could serve as a rallying point for the two major Palestinian political groups, namely Hamas and Fatah, who have over the years adopted different approaches to address the scourge of the Israeli occupation of Palestine’s territories. 

The envoy noted that the unilateral plan’s short-term goal is to divert American public attention from domestic woes such as Trump’s impeachment trial and Netanyahu’s indictment and his struggle to keep a hold on power. 

“The long-term objective is to demolish Palestine and put an end to the Palestinian issue. Their next step is to move toward taking control of the economy, politics and security of regional states,” he said.

The plan would give Israel full security control over the occupied West Bank, grant a demilitarized Palestine a capital on the outskirts of Beit-ul-Moqaddas and trample on Palestinians’ right of return. 


Reshaping Attitudes 

Irani noted that some Arab leaders, in collaboration with the American and Israeli media, have invested heavily in desensitizing the public to the plight of Palestinians.

“Through a carefully-timed agenda, they are using the media conglomerates to redefine the meaning of friends and foes for the regional population,” he said.

The diplomat said that in the past decades, the West made considerable attempts to change public perceptions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

“The Arabs’ unilateralism and their escape from collective responsibilities have changed their people’s priorities,” he said.

Irani added that the Arab states of the Persian Gulf are less sensitive to the hegemonic policies of Israel and the US.

According to the diplomat, political crises in some Arab countries, including Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Iraq and Lebanon, have deflected people’s attention from the dispute between Palestinians and Israelis. 

Irani, nevertheless, maintained that West Asia has kept an eye on Palestine and the pressure of public opinion has prompted their governments to voice concerns over the ramifications of Israel’s schemes and infringements for the rights of Palestinians.


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