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EghtesadOnline: Iran can ramp up its peaceful pursuit of nuclear technology without exiting the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in response to Europe’s unhelpful approach toward the 2015 nuclear deal, a lawmaker said.

By complying with NPT provisions, Iran can send a clear message that despite the blows to the nuclear agreement due to Europe’s inaction, Tehran is not considering any “dangerous” move, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, who is also a member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, told ISNA.

The comments came after Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran would consider withdrawing from the global nuclear treaty, if European powers send Iran’s nuclear file to the United Nations Security Council, according to Financial Tribune.

Falahatpisheh stressed the need for a measured response, “without giving in to outside pressure aimed at pushing Iran to make impulsive decisions”.

According to the lawmaker, Iran has been under immense pressure to make ill-considered moves and Tehran needs to refrain from taking any rash decision since such provocations are only temporary.

Due to the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement in May 2018 and Europe’s failure to fulfill its obligations, Iran began a reciprocal plan to strike a balance between its nuclear obligations and financial interests on the anniversary of the US unilateral pullout from the accord. 

Tehran’s step-by-step reduction of commitment to the nuclear agreement was criticized by the deal’s European signatories who triggered the dispute resolution mechanism that can culminate in the so-called “snapback” of global sanctions against Iran. 



Revisiting Ties With IAEA

Falahatpisheh noted that if the nuclear accord—formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—is left in tatters, Iran can simply reconsider its scope of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, which was allowed broader inspections of Tehran’s nuclear activities as part of the nuclear settlement.

“If the JCPOA is rescinded, the NPT will also take a hit, a treaty mostly aimed at ensuring a global peace of mind. Therefore, this blow will cost everyone. The US might benefit from this, but even that will be temporary,” he said.

The nuclear agreement is widely considered a reinforcement of non-proliferation goals under NPT and its revocation is certain to adversely affect the international treaty.

The lawmaker pointed to Tehran’s adherence to norms of diplomacy in dealings with Europe and said that if the behavior of the Europeans starts to “resemble that of the Americans”, Iran should rethink its diplomatic approach toward Europeans. 

In response to Europe’s launch of the dispute resolution mechanism, Iran’s Parliament prepared the draft of a bill for reducing Tehran’s cooperation with the IAEA. 

Falahatpisheh reiterated his stance that there is no reason for Iran to withdraw from NPT, saying that the country can step up its peaceful nuclear work under the provisions of the treaty to disappoint those who are seeking to legitimize drastic measures against Tehran under the pretext of its perceived disregard for international pacts. 


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