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EghtesadOnline: Iranian Human Rights Council in a statement on Monday condemned Canada Government for presenting a draft resolution against Iran, saying that Canada drafted a series of "unfounded accusations and misinformation" and in the continuation of Canada's anti-Iran policies.

Once again the racist government of Canada, aided and abetted by the ones who practice "economic terrorism" on the people of Iran, has presented a draft of a resolution about situation of human rights in Iran to the Third Committee of the United Nations, IRNA reported.

The statement reads: Canada's move takes place just one week after Iran's successful defense of its national report on human rights in United Nations Human Rights Council, which was praised by 85% of the countries in the Human Right Council.

The Canadian move shows the depth of the hostility and enmity of the West with the free people of Iran.

Iran, as an interactive country with international mechanism, has always supported the human rights as its top agenda, evident from Iran's cooperation with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a great variety of counties and domestic and foreign NGOs, special rapporteurs and inviting them to the country, and Iran's commitment to international conventions.  

The statement cited the black record of Canada in systematic violation of human rights and hosting the terrorists, moving in line with the US unilateralism and the Zionists' Islamophobia with selling weapons to the states carrying air strikes against civilian targets violating war laws, helping the riots to take form in the Middle East, training and supporting the states responsible for genocide and war crimes in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, as well as training and guiding the looters of 85 million Iranian people's wealth and choosing them as exemplary citizen, systematic deprivation of hundreds of thousands of Iranian that live in Canada of consular services and the most basic human rights, and the definite existence of systematic genocide of the Canadian indigenous people according to the UN rapporteurs.

The statements reminded the leaders of Canada and the Western authors of the draft that the one of the most noticeable factors of political independence is respecting the sovereignty of International Law, and not following the standard-bearers of unilateralism.  

The High Council of Human Rights of Iran thanked the countries that make their decisions based on truth and do not follow the politically-motivated resolution despite being under pressure from the US, the UK, Canada, and the Zionist regime.

The statement expressed Iran's readiness to cooperate with countries, NGOs and international mechanisms, which will promote human rights and dignity of the people.


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