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EghtesadOnline: The bloc of non-aligned nations could usher in a new era in this interconnected world, if its members appreciate the ground realities and take advantage of the means available to advance their agenda, President Hassan Rouhani said on Friday.

"The Non-Aligned Movement, as a set of countries representing more than two-thirds of the UN member states, can be a pioneer on behalf of its members and the human society in finding solutions for the current global problems within the framework of law abidance, fulfillment of international commitments, moderation and prevention of violence and extremism," he told the 18th NAM summit in Baku, Azerbaijan, according to the English text of his speech published on his website. 

Set up in 1961, NAM is a group of 120 developing countries that do not wish to align themselves with any superpower. The movement provided an alternative for nations that did not support either the United States or Soviet Union during the Cold War. Seventeen states and 10 international organizations currently have observer status.

Rouhani said one of the issues facing the world today is the use of "oppressive economic tools" by the United States that wants to impose its illegitimate political goals on non-aligned nations, according to Financial Tribune.

"Under the circumstances, independent countries require more exchange of views, synergy and coordination to safeguard their interests," he said. 



Solution to Crises 

Rouhani told the summit that the only way out of the crises in Palestine, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan passes through respect for the rights of nations to self-determination, commitment to non-interference in internal affairs of other states and strengthened regional cooperation to guarantee peace and stability. 

“America's abuse of its monetary function is in direct conflict with the legitimate freedom and rights of independent nations,” he said, stressing that NAM can take important steps to neutralize the impact of such tools. 

"This can take place with international commitment to the requirements of economic sustainability, expansion of trade ties on the basis of bilateral and multilateral monetary treaties, employment of independent and alternative initiatives on banking services and the increased use of cryptocurrencies." 

The president noted that this should be accomplished by upholding international anti-money laundering and terrorism financing rules.

"Many NAM member states, including Iran, have placed this important issue on their agenda," he said. 




Rouhani declared that the NAM movement can be at the forefront of adopting a coherent strategy and devising an international agreement on cybersecurity and help reduce the vulnerability of independent nations against cyberattacks and the misuse of virtual space. 

Rouhani said the bloc can found "a new pole of power" in the multipolar world. 

"For this to happen, we need to understand the new realities of the region and the world, and use new tools and facilities of the world today," he said.

On the sidelines of the summit, the president held a number of bilateral meetings, including with his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev, President Arif Alvi of Pakistan and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro. They discussed bilateral ties as well as latest developments in the region and the world. 


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