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EghtesadOnline: The Japanese prime minister's visit to Tehran is an opportunity for easing the current crisis caused by tensions between Iran and the United States, a political analyst said.

"Although Japan is a US ally and may not be seen as an impartial mediator, in politics, any threat can be turned into an opportunity," Mohammad Sadeq Maleki also said in a recent interview with Iranian Diplomacy.

When direct negotiation between Tehran and Washington is not possible, he added, passing the message through Tokyo could help alleviate the crisis. 

Tehran-Washington relations have deteriorated since US President Donald Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal last year and restored sanctions, Financial Tribune reported.

Tensions have escalated in recent months, impelling other countries to step in to resolve the issue. 

Along this line, Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe is due to travel to Tehran this week with the perceived goal of mediating between the two countries. 



Last Route to Peace 

Maleki emphasized that the visit should be welcomed, as "it could be a last resort to peace", given the strong lobbying of warmongers in Washington and its regional allies. 

"By welcoming this trip, Iran can send a message to the world that it is not seeking war, but will not surrender either," he said.   

He seriously advised against pinning hopes on the policy of waiting out Trump and called for using the US pre-election opportunity to wring concessions out of him, which would probably be impossible to obtain after the 2020 polls. 

Abe's trip follows the recent visits of Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif (May 16) and the US president (May 27) to Tokyo. Both Iran and the US have toned down their rhetoric in recent weeks, hinting at the possibility of controlled talks over specific issues that are mutually considered negotiable. 

"It seems that an atmosphere of negotiation rather than conflict is pervading the crisis," Maleki said, adding that in this situation, it is essential to advocate peace.  

"One should not create a crisis, but when it occurs, one should stand besides those who attempt to prevent it from worsening." 


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