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EghtesadOnline: The head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi called for deepening bilateral cooperation in the area of peaceful applications of nuclear energy.

He made the remarks in a letter to the seminar for “25 years of cooperation between Iran and Russia in the area of peaceful uses of nuclear energy”.

According to ISNA, the spokesman for the AEOI Behrouz Kamalvandi read the letter of Ali Akbar Salehi to the seminar.

Here is the full text of Salehi’s letter:

In the name of God, the Compassionate and the Merciful


I’m honored to share my thoughts with the distinguished audience of the seminar for “25 years of cooperation between Iran and Russia in the area of peaceful uses of nuclear energy”. However, allow me to extend my deep appreciations and gratitude to the organizers of such an august gathering first. Your valuable efforts are undoubtedly contributing to the amicable relations between the two great nations of Iran and Russia.


This seminar is an important occasion to review the progress and vicissitudes of the past 25 years of our cooperation with Russia on peaceful nuclear energy. I am nevertheless of the opinion that all participants would surely be aware of the fact that the achievements of this seminar are going to be the guidelines of the cooperation in the future.


Iran and Russia are both important and influential players at the international scene and their bilateral cooperation in every field has always been of great importance to the international community.


At this crucial time that the joint efforts of the both countries resulted partly in the making and implementation of the JCPOA, the nuclear deal has accordingly marked the beginning of a new era in the cooperation between the nuclear sectors. Now it is a burden on all of us to concentrate on deeper bilateral cooperation in the area of peaceful applications of nuclear energy.


 According to the fact that our bilateral cooperation is now reaching a quarter of century, the both sides’ understanding of each other’s strengths and capabilities is more realistic and objective. Hence, based on all valuable lessons learned over this period, we can extend, even more, the horizon and take steady steps to the future.


I am personally of the opinion that such seminars and conferences could demonstrate the efficacy of the technical and scientific nuclear cooperation between the countries and its intangible capacities to give the assurance that the best guarantee for world peace and stability is genuine cooperation among the countries rather than threatening or confronting.


In closing, I should also mention my understanding of the situation facing the nuclear deal of JCPOA. Apart from the overall merits of JCPOA – whether for Iran or for the other parties it is reasonable to argue that its faithful implementation will serve a set of other purposes including the strengthening of the NPT. This overall assessment of the JCPOA brings me to the important point of how to protect and preserve the deal in the interest of the partners as well as the international community. This deal is simply too precious to be allowed to be undermined or weakened. In contrast to the opponent’s negative view there is a clear picture of the accord and its related commitments in Iran. We believe that the entire international community also shares a similar outlook. However, much more is at stake for the entire international community than the national interest of Iran – where the US wishes to harm – if the deal is dissolved.


Let’s hope that under these circumstances, common sense and discretion shall prevail.


Ali Akbar Salehi nuclear energy Iran Russia cooperation