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EghtesadOnline: Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi invited the neighboring countries to hold talks and exercise restraint.

Pointing to the condolence messages of more than 80 countries to Iranian government and nation following the Tehran terrorist attacks, Ghasemi said: “these messages show that international community is still very sensitive to these painful events that occur around the world”.

“I don’t understand the regional JCPOA. We have just one JCPOA. What was raised between us and P5+1 on the nuclear issue is a specific topic and the issue between the Persian Gulf countries is another problem with its own characters and solutions,” he said about the issue of regional Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), according to ISNA.

“I said before that the bad timing of Riyadh Summit and the wrong list of participants in it could lead to adverse consequences in the wake of foreign meddling in regional affairs,” Ghasemi said about the current challenge straining ties among regional states.

“The sides need to settle their issues through political solution and negotiations. We invite all to show calm and restraint. We want to maintain relations with all our neighbors and we do have what it takes to further develop cooperation with them.” he added.

In reaction to US Secretary of State’s use of a fabricated name for the Persian Gulf, Ghasemi advised Tillerson to study world history and geography in addition to his studies on oil. 

“I believe that dollar, oil and trade cannot purchase and alter history, geography, culture and civilization. Trade cannot bring culture to a cultureless nation or vice versa,” he added. 

“Optimistically we assume that Mr. Tillerson has made a mistake and I think he will correct the mistake in the future,” Ghasemi said. “He needs to know that the great Iranian nation is very sensitive on the Persian Gulf name, which must be used accurately and correctly at all times”.

About the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Astana and Iran’s continued status as observer in the organization, Ghasemi said the issue of Iran’s full membership in the SCO needs to undergo its due process which is very ‘lengthy’ and ‘complicated’; “over 30 documents and statutes need to be carefully studied and approved before a country becomes a full member. Iran’s membership was not on the agenda of the recent summit and the process will take more time for us than other states.”

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