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EghtesadOnline: Majlis Speaker Special Aide for International Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian said on Monday that maintaining logical ties and promoting friendship and cooperation with neighbors are among principled policies of Iran.

In a message on his telegram account, he commented on several Arab countries’ severing ties with Qatar, saying that the six Arab states have never been really united, IRNA reported.

Islamic Republic of Iran has always attempted to keep relations with the neighbors including Arab countries in the Persian Gulf's southern littoral states at higher levels, he said, noting that foreign interference and false interpretations have created problems to that effect.

The official further regretted that tribal and sectarian policies and “dollar diplomacy” as well as strategy of promoting export of Wahhabi thoughts by the Saudi Arabia and a few of its allies to the world have subjected the region and the Islamic world to the threats of division, dispute, extremism and Takfiri terrorism more than any other thing.

“Today, Saudi rulers are in a bad situation and suffering from severe political vertigo that they not only are not able to solve their problems within Persian Gulf Cooperation Council but also serve as a major source of troubles in the region,” he said.

With incorrect reliance on the aliens, Saudi officials think that they can own leadership of Arab and Islamic world by resorting to the diplomacy of breaking off political ties, adopting military and security approaches, launching military onslaught to the neighbors and promoting the spirit of the sponsoring terrorism and turn the tide in favor of the malformed newborn arising from Tel Aviv-Riyadh political-security alliance, he said.

“We have already warned Saudi Arabia and certain countries supporting terrorism that the policy endangers security of all and will bring about nothing division and dispute in the region,” Amir Abdollahian said.

Tehran is strongly opposed to bullying, tension-creating policies, no matter which country is pursuing them, he said, noting that Tehran deems cessation of instrumental use of terrorism as well as direct dialogue accompanied with mutual respect as solution to regional problems. 

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, members of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, have announced on Monday that they closed their land, sea and air borders with Qatar, another member of the entity.

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