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EghtesadOnline: President-elect Hassan Rouhani on Monday summarized the message of people voting as nation stride to national solidarity and international dialogue.

He made the remarks in the first press conference since his re-election with the presence of over 300 domestic and foreign reporters, IRNA reported.

'I am very happy to talk to the nation via mass media, a great nation who had a massive turnout in the country's presidential elections; over 42 million people and many of them lost the chance due to termination of voting hours to cast their ballots which could register their number over 45 million, he said.

The move should be regarded as an unprecedented move at this historical juncture. 

People wanted to say that in our country views are welcomed and on groups or ideology could be eliminated and all should share hands to construct the county, he said. 

In these elections, people played their significant role in line with the highest standards in the world.

People with so many problems in deprived areas said a big no to financial enticement, Rouhani said. 

They said no to those who try to deceive people. They try to say people that the 2030 UNESCO document was against religion, this document is only a suggestion and no country in the world has signed it, he said. 

The eleventh government has not approved the parts which runs counter to the country's culture.

People said no to destruction, and nonsense and they said yes to justice, rationality, and practice of moderation, he said.

Our people said to all organizations that everyone should mind his own business. People love our armed forces and they respect media and other organizations and never accept a national body or organization to turn into a political wing or lower rank, he said. 

Jurisprudence belongs to all and humiliation of leader and IRGC and Basij has no room in our country. They belong to the entire nation, he said.

People wanted to say that they are a unified nation and their voice should be heard. 

They had one voice and their votes were the same. They choose one path, unity, rationality and moderation, for the country's economic development, he underlined. 

People know economic requires sound competition away from political affiliation. 

People cast vote to program and they know investment requires planning and security and freedom and with sound interaction with the world. 

None should impose his opinion on others. Only rule of laws should be applied. 

People want to continue their revolution based on their religion and code of conduct and revolution summarizes in independence, freedom and republic, he said. 

All are abide by their religion and culture. Our elections had one message. All officials should believe people and their democracy, they should believe in the youths, woman and ethnical groups, he said. 

Their votes and their voices should be heard. 

People wanted to celebrate the 40 anniversary of the Islamic revolution and say that they have prepared themselves for next century and have friendly ties with neighboring states, he said.

We respect and believe our mutual interests and interaction could be materialized through progress and peaceful coexistence with the world, he said.

Hassan Rouhani Iran presidential election Iran national solidarity international dialogue