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EghtesadOnline: President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Iran never mulls aggression against other countries, but all should take into consideration that peace is not a one way road.

Speaking in the special unveiling ceremony of the significant achievements of the defense ministry, President Rouhani said for production of missiles and airplanes we never get permission from others, IRNA reported. 

Regional balance of power and the deterrent power for a sensitive country such as Iran which relies on its great revolution has put the interests of big powers at risk and has echoed the message of justice and freedom to world people which is vital, he said. 

All in the world call for eradication of conflicts and carnage of people, but regretfully the history of humanity teaches us this bitter reality that history has always witnessed war and military confrontation from one side and resistance from the other side in fight against right and wrong, he said.

In presence of various international organizations and peace mediators, we are now witnessing mounting problems in the region and the world, he said.

In the past three decades, Iraq at least experienced three wars, when Saddam invaded Iran, when it invaded Kuwait and in the last coalition forces led by US invaded and occupied Iraq and now the country is drowned in terrorism and Daesh which is a bitter reality, Rouhani said. 

During the period, Afghanistan also once occupied by the former Soviet Union, once by Mujahedin who could successfully kicke out Soviet Union and then the country once again was occupied by Taliban and then it was the US' turn to occupy the country and presently the country suffers from lack of security, he said.

'Countries such as Syria, Yemen and Libya more or less have similar situation,' President Rouhani added. 

In the region, we have witnessed various crimes and atrocities by regional as well as global powers such as the US, Rouhani said. 

In the Middle East region the interference of powers and the cancerous tumor named Zionist regime are route cause of concern and insecurity, he said. 

“We should maintain our combat readiness,” underlined president Rouhani.

In the battlefield we require faith, equipment and management, he said. 

The country is now very rich in terms of facilities and our conditions are not comparable with the early days of war with Iraq, he said. 

The country is now self-sufficient in production of airplanes, helicopters, tanks and armored personnel carriers, he said.

“We are proud of our commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the country’s defense industry, armed forces, Basij (voluntary forces), police and people,” he said.

“We have always declared that strengthening the country’s defense might is to protect the country and the force never being used against another country as we had been victims of dastardly aggression and for production of missiles and airplanes we never seek permissions from others,” he said. 

Hassan Rouhani Iran peace