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EghtesadOnline: President Hassan Rouhani and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation on Sunday condemned the recent US cruise missile attacks on Syria’s Shayrat airbase by calling it against the international law and the United Nations charter.

“We condemn the US missile attack on Syria and consider it a blatant violation of sovereignty of an independent country which this unilateral move needs to be reviewed and condemned in a meeting of the UN Security Council,” President Rouhani said. 

According to IRNA, President Rouhani said that using chemical weapons in Syria is a source of regret, adding that the reports indicate that the terrorists have access to chemical weapons and the US attacks emboldens these terrorist groups to once again use chemical weapons. 

The president underscored that the US aggression against Syria was an effort to strengthen the terrorists and denounced the support of some regional countries for US missile attacks on Syria.

“We should not allow the path that has been created for fighting terrorism to change in view of support of some countries for the recent move by the US,” President Rouhani said.

The president pointed to Iran’s stance that the Syrian crisis has a political and not a military solution, and said, “Tehran is ready to increase its cooperation with Moscow in the campaign against terrorists.” 

“The recent attack by the US pushed the political talks towards military direction,” President Rouhani said, adding, “In such atmosphere, the consolidation of cooperation between Iran, Russia and Syria in fighting terror and violence is necessary.”

The Russian president, for his part, said that the US attack on Syria is doomed as an aggressive move, adding that such move is unacceptable and an effort to support the terrorists. 

President Putin pointed to the UN’s confirmation that the Syrian government does not possess chemical weapons, and said, “Washington’s missile attack on Syria on the pretext of using chemical weapons was a show-off and a pre-planned attempt.”

“The US measures in Syria, including the recent US missile attacks on Shayrat airbase will not help resolve Syria’s problems,” the Russian president added. 

President Putin also laid emphasis on the need for strengthening mutual and multi-lateral cooperation with Iran and other regional countries in this field, especially in the UN Security Council.

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