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EghtesadOnline: US aggression against the independent country of Syria was a violation of international regulations and the Charter of the United Nations, Iranian president stressed on Sunday in a phone call with his Syrian counterpart.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the attack and the Iranian nation will continue to stand by the Syrian nation in their fight against terrorism and preserving Syria's territorial integrity" Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said.

Expressing condolences over innocent Syrian people killed in US air attack, Iranian president expressed sympathy with the bereaved families of those martyred in the attacks and prayed for health of the injured.

According to ISNA, he also referred to cooperation between the United Nations and Syria for eliminating chemical weapons and described the claims baseless, adding: "Such attacks only contribute to encouraging the terrorists who have suffered heavy losses in Syria and Iraq in recent months".

Rouhani also expressed Iran's support, adding: "US missile attack was an action against the interests of Syria and we hope that free countries of the world explicitly condemn such attacks and acts of aggression".

"We are also sure that the attacks, which happened during the Syrian-Syrian peace negotiations, will not have any effect on the outcomes of combating terrorism and the future of Syria," he added.

He continued saying that the ultimate solution to the Syrian issue will be a political one, adding: "Using chemical weapons, which is an unforgivable crime, was done with the aim of deviating world's public opinions from the facts; therefore, we must not let terrorists use such weapons, accusing others and providing pretext for actions that are against international regulations".

“More cooperation among Iran, Syria and Russia can be effective for the realization of fight against terrorism,” said Rouhani adding: "Those who think they can change the future of Syria to serve their own benefits by supporting terrorism are completely wrong".

During the same conversation, the President of Syria Bashar Assad also appreciated Iran's support and said: "The US missile attack took place after terrorists' major defeat and their collapse and this was an attempt to raise their spirits and weaken the Syrian people and army".

"US attacks have no effects on the spirits of the Syrian people in defending their territorial integrity and driving our terrorist, but rather have made us more determined to completely defeat terrorist," Assad added.

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