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EghtesadOnline: Vice-President and Head of the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi congratulated the reelection of Yukiya Amano as director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and said that he sees good horizon in Tehran-IAEA cooperation.

“The landscape of Iran’s cooperation with the agency in the new phase is evaluated as good,” Salehi told reporters on Thursday.

According to ILNA, he reiterated that Iran-IAEA cooperation takes place within a defined framework.

“We have accepted the IAEA’s article of association and its safeguards as well as additional protocol and we are acting within those frameworks,” Salehi said.

The AEOI chief said that Iran’s cooperation with IAEA has been very good so far and we hope that it will continue in the same manner.

Salehi pointed to Iran’s uranium reserves, and said, “The total amount of Iran’s uranium reserves amounted to 550 tons which were imported form abroad, but since the beginning of discovering and exploiting uranium in Iran until now we have produced 100 tons which makes the total mount of uranium to reach 650 tons.”

He pointed to the yellow cake reserves, and said, “We managed to add 384 tons of yellow cake to our reserves in lieu of selling heavy water and rendering uranium enrichment services.”

Salehi pointed to purchase of 900 tons of yellow cake from abroad, and said, 'We had a memorandum of understanding with (US Secretary of Energy) Ernest Moniz and the Group 5+1 and in the last meeting with Mr. Moniz in Frankfurt the MoU was approved and signed, but unfortunately in the last moments one of these countries or Britain broke its promise which is under follow-up by the foreign ministry.

'If this MoU becomes operational we will add about 900 tons of yellow cake within three years,' Salehi added.

He said on April 10 in Iran which is day of nuclear technology there will be good news for making people happy.

Ali Akbar Salehi AEOI IAEA Yukiya Amano Iran-IAEA