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EghtesadOnline: Protecting Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity as well recognizing the Syrian people’s right to determine their destiny shape the main principles of a political resolution to the crisis in the country, says Iran foreign ministry official.

Hossein Jaberi Ansari Foreign Ministry Deputy for Arab and African Affairs said on Thursday that the Astana talks on Syria are aimed at facilitating the inter-Syrian negotiations and safeguarding peace and security in the country, IRNA reported.

Referring to the previous rounds of talks in Astana, Jaberi Ansari noted that there have been successful talks on harnessing the crisis in Syria, according to IRNA.

There has been progress in talks on finalizing the by-laws for the joint committee monitoring the ceasefire treaty in Syria, the official added.

Elaborating on the achievements made so far, Jaberi Ansari said that since the ceasefire came into effect, there have been fewer and fewer cases of violation of the treaty.

He added that thousands of refugees have returned their homes and more humanitarian aid have been dispatched to the war-torn areas.

Reconstruction of Syria has been started in some parts of the country, including Aleppo and Syrian people are more hopeful about the conflicts to come to an end, he said.

Efforts made by Iran, Russia and Turkey and their initiative, he said, are not going to substitute what has been done previously by the international community to address the issue, rather they tend to be complementary measures.

The foreign ministry deputy stressed that preliminary steps has already been taken to resolve the Syrian crisis.

But, we need to do more to finish the job, Jaberi Ansari said.
Iran is committed to help end the conflict in Syria and invites all the Syrian groups to join peaceful talks with the Syrian government, he said.

The third round of talks on Syria started on Thursday in Kazakh capital, Astana, attended by representatives from the Syrian government, the armed opposition groups as well as Iranian, Russian and Turkish delegations.

While Kazakhstan is hosting the talks, delegates from Jordan and the United States are also present in the meeting as observers.

Jaberi Ansari is heading the Iranian delegation in the talks. He has held separate meetings with Syrian and Russian delegations.

The first round of talks between the Syrian government and the armed opposition groups were held in the Kazakh capital on Jan 23-24 in the presence of the Iranian, Russian and Turkish representatives.

Iran, Russia and Turkey are the initiators of the Dec 30 ceasefire in Syria. The three countries have also planned the Jan 2017 Astana talks.

Syria Peace Talks Syria crisis Hossein Jaberi Ansari Astana talks