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EghtesadOnline: Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, says Iran’s missile tests are not in contradiction with the UN Security Council resolution 2231.

Qasemi made the remark on Thursday in reaction to the anti-Iran claims of the US President’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

He said Iran’s legitimate defense policy is consistent with the international laws and regulations and is not negotiable under any condition, IRNA reported.

He called the US official’s claims as “baseless, repeated and provocative,” saying that none of the missiles is designed to carry nuclear warheads. 

The spokesman said the claims are raised under conditions when Iran’s efforts to fight terrorist groups in the Middle East are not hidden to anybody as the groups are directly or indirectly provided with the financial, logistic and intelligence support of the US and its allies.

Qasemi went on to say that had it not been for Iran’s sincere cooperation with the legal governments of the region and the brave armed forces and popular resistance forces of the country to fight such terrorist groups as Daesh -- as the US president claims were formed and trained by the country’s statesmen- several capitals of the regional states would have been dominated by the terrorists and international campaign against terrorism would have come across with more complexities.

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman deplored that instead of appreciating Iranian nation for ceaseless campaign against terrorism, the US government repeats baseless claims and adopts unwise policies, thus helping terrorist groups in practice.

Qasemi referred to recent decision of the US government to impose travel ban on citizens of certain Muslim countries and said such an unwise and discriminatory decision, which has been criticized by governments and nations in the four corners of the world, including the US, once again reveals inattention of the US statesmen to the international laws and regulations.

“How can arrest and handcuffing of a five-year-old child, confirmed by White House, can be considered an instance of campaign against terrorism? How can long-term keeping of the old people in the US airports be in conformity with the human rights laws, as the US claims to respect them?”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qasemi said Iran’s regional policies are fully transparent and clear. “We seek friendly relations with all countries of the region based on good neighborliness, mutual respect and non-intervention in countries’ internal affairs.”

He said such baseless and null anti-Iran claims serve to divide regional states and find more markets for the US’ lethal arms. “Instead of making discord, the US is advised to distance itself from the war criminal measures, adopted by its allies in Yemen by its allies.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran has warned against the measures that are in contradiction with regional and international commitments of the US, emphasizing that resort to any threat is not only in contradiction with the mandatory international laws but is also a proof of its failure in the face of the endeavor and resistance of the great Iranian nation before many US administrations, Qasemi concluded.

UNSC Bahram Qasemi Resolution 2231 Iran ballistic missile Iran missils