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EghtesadOnline: As the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said, the US has had direct role in formation of terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS).

Since the US occupied Iraq and broke up Iraqi army and security services, it has played direct role in formation of Daesh, the Russian Foreign Ministry quoted Lavrov as saying on July 25.

ISIS terrorists do not limit their persecution to Christians. They also ruthlessly behead Shia Muslims and defile and destroy both Christian and Shia shrines, IRNA quotedhim as saying.

'Moreover, they also apply special criteria to Sunni Muslims. Not every Sunni is acceptable to the ISIS ideologists. It is a fact that those who stand at the head of this organization and who inspire its actions are not pious people.

'They are fighting for power and territory. ISIS is the first terrorist group whose goal is to create a caliphate from Lisbon to Pakistan, as they have declared.

' By the way, the core of the ISIS military power is comprised of Saddam Hussein’s former generals who lost their jobs in 2003 when the US broke up Iraq’s army and security services, thereby leaving well trained military personnel without a living. Everyone understands this now.

'Yet, we continue to hear hypocritical calls for government change, including in Syria, although we know what happened after Saddam Hussein’s overthrow in Iraq and the butchering of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

'These hypocritical calls mean that those who make them are unwise people at the least, or even villains who enjoy destruction or seek to destroy entire countries and regions for their own benefit,' Lavrov has said.

ISIS Sergei Lavrov