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EghtesadOnline: Iranian Supreme Leader's top adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati stressed the necessity for regional convergence against enemies' plots, and said extremist and terrorist groups' plan to win full control over several Muslim states failed due to Iran's serious aid and assistance.

"We would witness the terrorist groups and extremist and Takfiri streams' control over the Islamic countries and their legal governments, were it not for the assistance of different states, specially the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this issue emphasizes more than ever the importance of convergence among the regional and Asian countries," Velayati said in a meeting with Singaporean Interior Minister Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam in Singapore on Tuesday.

According to FNA, Shanmugam, for his part, underlined that the regional countries should pay no heed to their differences, and rather try to launch various types of cooperation with each other in different fields, including the economic arena, to pave the ground for more cooperation in political, cultural and social areas.

In relevant remarks in April, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined his country's leading role in fighting against terrorism, and said the Iraqi and Syrian capitals would have been conquered by the ISIL terrorist group had Tehran remained indifferent to the two Muslim nations' call for help.

"Those who don’t understand the importance of Iran's efforts are today seeing that Iran is a pioneer in fighting against extremism and violence in the world in word and action," President Rouhani said, addressing a conference in Tehran.

Noting that Iran responded positively to Iraq and Syria's call for assistance in campaign against terrorism, he said, "If Iran hadn’t help, the ISIL would have been materialized practically and today, we would be facing an ISIL terrorist government instead of a terrorist group."

President Rouhani also underlined the necessity for all countries to cooperate in campaign against extremism, violence and terrorism.

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