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EghtesadOnline: Head of Majlis Research Center and rapporteur of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Kazem Jalali said on Tuesday that Iran's regional and international policy is crystal clear in line with bolstering solidarity of the Islamic Ummah.

Jalali made the remarks in the 36th meeting of the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union (IIPU) in Ankara on Tuesday. 

According to IRNA, he said that bolstering of relations with the Islamic countries mainly with the neighboring states is the top priority of the Islamic Republic of Iran and despite the bitter and negative treatment of some countries in the region, Iran never made any change in its approach. 

Iran believes that disputes should be resolved through peaceful and diplomatic means, Jalali said. 

Holding such meetings could play a decisive role to bolster relations and cooperation among the Islamic countries, he said. 

We are now witnessing a very sensitive situation in western Asia which has worried the Islamic Ummah, he said. 

Political crisis and domestic and international disputes among world Muslims and the meddling of foreigners in the Islamic countries mainly in the occupied Palestine and continued crisis in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and some other places are regarded as the main political and security challenges for the Muslim World imposing heavy costs to the Islamic Ummah in terms of social life, humanitarian plights and economy, Jalali said. 

Wide spread and active presence of terrorist groups in the sensitive region are regarded as a serious threat to the stability and security of the countries in the region as well as the international community, he said. 

There is no doubt that the tough measures of the extremists groups have nothing to do with Islam but they misuse the name of Islam to justify their misdeeds through inhuman behavior to serve the interests of foreign powers and some very specific countries in the region, he said. 

It will be among responsibility of the Islamic countries to play active role in fight with such groups, he said. 

It is over five years that Syrian people are in serious fight with terrorism and extremists, he said. 

Iranian Majlis is to hold the sixth conference in support of Palestinian Intifada next year in Tehran and is to invite Majlis speakers of the Islamic countries, political and cultural figures along with other freedom seekers round the globe to attend the meeting, he said. 

On Iraq developments, he said all countries are duty bound to back Iraqi government in fight against Daesh and the Islamic Republic of Iran based on its religious and humanitarian duties has spared no efforts to this end, Jalali said. 

He expressed deep concern about the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Saudi leaders through deliberate bombardment of the civilian targets, saying that after one and half a year of bloody war and carnage of thousands of civilians the country's status is at a very critical stage, he said. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran is to broaden active cooperation with Islamic countries to help resolve current challenges in the region and help uphold the status of the Islamic countries, Jalali said. 

Iran foreign policy Kazem Jalali