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EghtesadOnline: Iranian Foreign Ministry blamed the countries that gathered in Riyadh for the catastrophic situation in the region.

In response to a communiqué issued at the end of a joint meeting of the foreign ministers of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and Turkey, the Iranian foreign ministry said the catastrophic situation and insecurity in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Libya are the outcomes of the interference of the most of the countries which gathered in Riyadh, trying to blame others for their failed policies in the region.

In a statement on Saturday, the ministry said that the Islamic Republic of Iran as a pioneer of “a Middle East Void of Mass Killing Weapons” is ready to cooperate with the regional countries on implementation of the plan if it discerns sincerity and friendly attitudes on their parts, reports IRNA.

It said the countries which are responsible for the spread of insecurity, war and terrorism due to their irresponsible performance and violation of the national sovereignty of their neighboring countries are not in a position to tell others not to interfere with regional issues.

The unilateral views expressed by these countries towards the attempts to liberate Allepo from terrorist groups come despite the fact that their continuous crimes have created the most adverse humanitarian situations for residents of different Syrian cities, the statement stressed.

The Iranian foreign ministry called for instant action by the international community to stop genocide and crimes against humanity underway in all the cities currently under seize by the terrorist groups.

Furthermore, the statement stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran considered the hollow remarks by the above-mentioned countries about their unquestionable territorial integrity and national sovereignty claims over the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf as clear cases of interference in the affairs of other countries.

It went on to note that despite the claims of these countries regarding building their ties with all countries on the basis of the United Nations Charter and well-known international rules, Iran sees no sincerity in their paradoxical demands and their statement in particular which is filled with allegations and blame game tactics done by the meeting.

The Iranian foreign ministry further asserted in its statement that like its prior views, the ones expressed in the latest statement of the PGCC-Turkey lacks goodwill and entails interfering, irresponsible and unfriendly remarks on Iran’s legitimate defense power.

It said the countries which have signed the statement insist on implementing of a resolution which has expired due to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The PGCC and Turkish foreign ministers met in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh on Thursday. The joint Turkish-PGCC communiqué released after the meeting of ministers contained allegations against Iran.

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