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EghtesadOnline: Minister of Culture and the Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said on Thursday that Iran advocates dialogue among religions and cultures with an aim to institutionalize peace, tolerance and reciprocal respect in the international community.

He made the remarks in his speech to the World Culture Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

He said that Iran in light of longstanding civilization and culture always calls for dialogue of religions and cultures as a principle, reports IRNA.

Jannati said that cultural diversity, as a divine blessing and huge wealth, can have constructive share in enrichment of world cultural heritage and would help expand outlooks for cooperation of nations.

Jannati said that WCF in Bali must use the existing capacities in some international cultural bodies to fulfill its goals.

One of the bodies is the Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), which held its meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, last week, he said. 

The ACD formed upon dialogue, far from political disputes and conflicts, to find new ways to create regional cooperation focusing on the issues related to sustainable economic and cultural development.

Jannati said that in current tense atmosphere, which contemporary mankind faced with different challenges and disputes, creation of an appropriate and suitable atmosphere for discussion and dialogue and the techniques to make culture part of moral order for participation, understanding and reciprocal respect to build harmony in the world based on justice, would be effective and constructive.

He said that growing trend of dogmatism and illogical hatred in the 21 century damaged religious perceptions, which were inalienable part of the cultural traditions of the society and unfortunately, it turned to an element for hatred and conflicts among the mankind.

Jannati said that this undesirable process, in addition to dangers and irreparable damages, are paralyzing the social and cultural order and co-existence of cultures and civilizations in the international community.

Ali Jannati peace