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EghtesadOnline: The British activist and executive director of anti-poverty charity ‘War on Want’ believes that Western intervention in the Middle East has led to disaster.

People are horrified of the endless wars, John Hilary told the Islamic Republic News Agency in a recent interview, slamming the West for its interventions in the region.

Following is the full text of the interview with John Hilary:

Q. What have been the consequences of the meddling by Britain and the United States in the Middle East? 

A. What we have seen in the last 100 years is a tale of massive interventions by the US and the UK governments. 
These imperial adventures that they continue throughout the Middle East haven’t led to anything but harm and disasters for the people of the Middle East. 
Every single time that the US and the UK governments intervene they are doing so on the basis of their own interests; not on the interests of the people of the region. 
That’s why for us we are calling for an end to these imperialist interventions. They do not bring solution, they just bring more deaths and problems and the long term sustainability of the rest of the region is better served if you get regional actors working together, not these self-interested Western powers. 

Q. Do you agree that the people of the West are tired of the foreign policy followed by their governments? 

A. People are really tired seeing our representatives going and making war across the world in our name. 
We see these wars which are meant to bring positive solutions but they bring disaster. 
Iraq and Afghanistan showed that so clearly. 
The interventions do not lead to some sort of better outcome afterwards. They just lead to disaster for years and years. 
People are genuinely horrified and tired about the endless wars. 
People turn on their TVs and your heart goes out to Syrian people, but we know that our interventions by further bombings do not solve the problem .It adds to the problem. 
What we are saying is that there needs to be proper alternatives. Alternatives based on negotiations, peace building and saying, bombing hasn’t worked. 

Q. Intervention is one side, but the United Kingdom is supporting and being complicit to proxy wars. What is your thought on this? 

A. There has been a long history of Britain supporting proxy powers in the region so that they can build up their strength in terms of their strategic preponderance. 
It is part of their strategic determination to ensure western interest comes first. 
That’s why we would say it is not enough to just to look at the proximate actors but we have to look at the powers behind them. 

Q. Could such war criminals get prosecuted in the International criminal court? 

A. The International criminal court was setup to do exactly that. 
Of course we know that up until now all is done to go after African dictators. 
I think we need to be looking towards a process of proper international accountability which will then stop leaders from taking their countries to war again.

Western interventions John Hilary