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EghtesadOnline: French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Sunday that no problem will leave the least effect on the French commitment to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Sapin made the remarks in a meeting with Iran's Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayyebnia on the sidelines of the Annual World Bank confab in Washington.

'We consider ourselves committed to the JCPOA implementation. Though there are difficulties on the way, but they will not affect our willingness to fulfill our commitments.' 

He said that promotion of ties and growing flow of capital between the two countries are crucial to expansion of mutual cooperation, according to IRNA.

He called for Iran-France cooperation in auto, oil, gas, and air transportation as well as banking.

'In banking, we are in regular consultation with the partners to force the US in order for expansion of cooperation. We and other European countries are very decided to settle the issue. We hope that as coordination was made for Boeing sale to Iran by the US, in connection with European big banks with Iran such a condition will be met.'

Tayyebnia for his part said Iran is serious for cooperation with Europe.

'The European parties should act on commitments within framework of the JCPOA and brokerage ties with big banks should be operational soon because expansion of trade and economic cooperation will not be possible without such a facility.'

He said there are vast grounds for Iran-France cooperation. 

He said that Iranian government has made great achievements to lessen reliance on petrodollars, investment in various fields, economic stabilization and positive economic growth rate. Regarding restrictions made by the US in the way, big countries including France can be effective to eliminate the difficulty which would entail interests of all countries.'

He said that Iran is forerunner in campaign against terrorism in the region.

'All are in consensus that one of the main ways for campaign against violence and terrorism is expansion of economic cooperation in international system and elimination of poverty.'

JCPOA Ali Tayyebnia Michel Sapin