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EghtesadOnline: The 2nd International Nastaran Cancer Symposium will be held on 28 – 29 September in Science College of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and it is expected to have more than 1000 participants.

According to ISNA, Dr. Maryam Moghadam Matin, co- president of the 2nd International Nastaran Cancer Symposium told ISNA in an exclusive interview about this event. She is professor in molecular biology and working for both Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and as a member of ACECR. Here is a transcript of that interview.


Would you tell us a little bit about your background research?

I am focusing on cancer research both in diagnostic aspects using micronized or long not quantize which can be used for diagnosis or early diagnosis of cancer and also I'm working on targeted therapy for cancer using small peptides which can target membrane of cancer cells without any effects on normal cells and also we are doing on drug screening for some compound which can be used for cancer therapy.

This is the 2nd international Nastaran cancer symposium and you have been appointed as a co- president of this event like 2015. We are here to have some overall information about this huge event. What are the primary objectives of this symposium?

The 2nd international Nastaran cancer symposium is going to be held on 28 and 29 of September from Wednesday till Thursday of this week. This symposium is organized by collaboration between four different centers, NCCP or Nastaran Center for Cancer prevention, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and ACCER or Jahad Daneshgahi. The main topics which will be covered in this symposium are cancer prevention and early diagnosis, cancer management, targeted therapy and basic and multi-disciplinary research in cancer biology. These are the main topics which will be covered during the two days of the symposium.

Since this is an international event which is mean to gather together well-known and eminent cancer scientists from all over the world, Would you tell us what other countries have supposed to participate and present their findings from their latest studies about cancer disease?

They have some invited speakers and also some participants from different countries including Australia, United States of America, Pakistan, India, Sweden, Japan and Germany.

This symposium is great opportunity for national researchers who are intend to update their information, so we want to know what are the expected number of participants for this seminar?

Till now 992 people have registered on the site, but because we have on the registration as well we are expecting to have something about 1200 participants on this symposium.

As I know, submission deadline has been extended until August 20th, 2016. How many abstract articles has been submitted And how many of them have been accepted?

We had received 313 abstracts from which 236 abstracts were accepted for poster presentation and also six of them were accepted for oral presentation.

Why would you believe an event like this would be important to put on? Why would it be beneficial for the scientific community?

These kinds of events are beneficial for scientist, students and also for public because the incidents of cancer are unfortunately rising in all over the world and also in Iran. They have to think of something to reduce this rise for which we can act in different directions, one of the important aspect which should be consider these finding the risk factors involved in developing cancer which cohort studies are required to address this question, apart from that early diagnosis is very  important because if cancer is diagnose at early stages it can be cured with a higher probability rather than those which are diagnose at late stages and also the other aspect of cancer which is targeted therapy which is consider in this conference is also very important because by this way we can reduce the side effects and have targeted therapy for the specific cancer type  and also sometimes we can do it as personalize medicine which is therapy designed for a specific disease of particular person, so if we can have more events like this with collaboration that we can have with other scientists from all over the world and also the more interactions which we can have between basic scientists and medical scientists we can have better progress in this field.

Compared to the last symposium, how do you see the quality of the articles which have been accepted?

To be honest the quality was also very good but because we have place limitation for poster presentation, we had to reject some of them otherwise they were all good with very high quality and good data presented in the abstracts.

Would you tell us about the marginal panels of this symposium?

We have some panels within the symposium in the main hall; these are one hour discussion panels for which we have invited about 30 great scientists from Iran and abroad to discuss about different aspects of preventative and treatment aspects of different cancers like breast cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and so on. And apart from this, we have different discussion groups aimed to be presented in site's hall which will be in this discussion groups aspects on preventative aspect of cancer with focus on breast cancer.

How did you go for picking your speakers?

We have been looking for well-known scientists in the field of cancer for both prevention and treatment of cancer, some of our speakers are those who have been participated last year and we have collaboration with them and the others we have been looking for some scientists who have good and high impact publications in journals.

What are the impacts of this symposium on public?

We hope that it will have good impact on public because prevention and early diagnosis are very important. In the case of good reflection of this event by media, we will see its impact on public as well.

Nastaran Cancer Symposium Cancer Symposium Maryam Moghadam Matin