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EghtesadOnline: Justice Minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi said on Monday that Masoud Rajavi, the ringleader of terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), has been killed by his own terrorist comrades.

Pour-Mohammadi said that the MKO members are so evil that they even kill their own terrorist commander and then say that Rajavi was killed and condole each other on his death, according to IRNA. 

'Our question is that where Rajavi was killed, where he died and where is his grave,' the minister said. 

The MKO members are used to resort to the dirtiest plots to get a chance to continue with their crimes for one more day, Pour-Mohammadi added. 

He recalled the terrorist operations carried out by the MKO members, saying that they perpetrated crimes against ordinary people and the statesmen of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1981-1982.

Pour-Mohammadi said that the MKO members are responsible for treason against the Iranian nation and government.

He said that the MKO members inflicted multi-billion dollars losses on Iranian nation and government by raising baseless allegations against the civilian nuclear program and encouraging the United States to impose sanctions on Iran.

Pour-Mohammadi said that when the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein imposed war on Iran in September 1980, the MKO members fought with the Iranan soldiers on Saddam's camp.

He said that the MKO is currently working as the spies for the US and Israel. 

MKO Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi Masoud Rajavi Mujahedin Khalq