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EghtesadOnline: Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh said on Monday that Iran got rid of the UN Security Council Resolutions imposing sanctions without giving any concession.

According to IRNA, he made the remarks in a statement to a Seminar held to investigate economic impacts of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Zangeneh said it is unprecedented in the UN history that a country against which the UN Security Council cited the threat of Chapter Seven from Charter of the United Nations could get out honorably and its governing system was not topped or part of its territory was not occupied.

He noted that such countries as Sudan, Libya, Iraq and anywhere against which the chapter seven resolution was issued, faced enormous problems.

He termed the JCPOA a big political success. 

'Based on the JCPOA and the success the government and Islamic Republic system got revocation of all the UN Resolutions imposing sanctions which took effect in a single day.'

'Based on the guidelines of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, problem, if any, with the JCPOA has nothing to do with domestic affairs, rather it is concerned with the breach of commitment by the foreign party and naturally, they wished to harm us but we do know our job.'

Zangeneh said, 'We could do with an unbelievable speed, raise our oil production up to one million barrels after sanctions. No one could believe that in four months, Iran's oil production will reach 3,850,000 bpd from 2,700,000 barrels and the exports, including gas condensates, will reach above 5.9 million barrels.'

'Those wishing to bring our exports to zero and already tried to bring down oil prices to harm us this way, failed to meet their goals and fortunately, our oil production and exports grew up and we gained what we wished,' Zangeneh said.

He noted that at the time of sanctions, Iran could not access petrodollars but now it is possible. 

'At the time of sanctions, we got revenue of the little amount of oil exports more than 10 percent less than the original price. Now we have access to all the world manufacturers for commodity purchase. Before the JCPOA, we used to buy the second-hand goods through intermediaries and on certain occasions, we bought an item for South Pars three times and it was made available once.'

Furthermore, Iran's confiscated items are freed and today the country is in a position to use foreign capital and resources, he added.

He said that Iran will not only purchase from Iranian companies but will also use the opportunity available for links with the top foreign companies to empower the Iranian companies. 

'Foreign capital can today be used for development of the country, the petrochemical sector, and the upstream and downstream oil industries.'

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